happy halloween
Here's a quick photo I snapped of Stan in our Halloween candy bowl. He did not like posing for this at all! We are still trying to figure out what color his eyes will be. Here they look gold but sometimes they are more of a khaki/green color, I guess we'll have to wait a little longer to find out for sure. Of course it goes without saying that his eyes will be amazing no matter what color they are.

Happy Halloween everyone! Have a great night!

7:50pm EDITED WITH A HALLOWEEN UPDATE: We have a whole bunch of Trick-or-Treaters coming now! Wonderful costumes too, so far we've had a bunch of princesses, Ninja's and Power Rangers. One group of came with their mom without any costume at all, just in their regular clothes. It was the oddest thing. They were about 8 - 11 years old so they weren't even disillusioned teens. We thought it was so strange. Isn't the whole principle of Trick-or-Treating that you must get dressed-up to receive candy? After the door was closed, Paul and I both say in unison "hey it's just like that Curb Your Enthusiasm episode!" Anyone else had any kids show up without any costume?


Paul and I spent the evening watching way too many Tivo'd episodes of A Haunting. I love that show on the Travel Channel, it is my fav of all the scary ghosty shows. Now we are both freaked out and ready for Halloween!
nighty night!


pets on parade
Today my neighbor and I went to the Winter Park Pet Costume Contest.

Of course we brought our babies, in costume. Toby went as an angel and Gizmo (my neighbor's Shih Tzu) went as a police man. It was funny seeing Toby as an angel because he is such a grump. Click the image to the right to see Toby in his full angel glory.

Toby just about tolerated the wings that I added to his harness with a safety pin. Not nearly as innovative as last years' Ewok costume but at least he wore them wit
hout protest. We kept giggling watching his little wings flapping around.

We ha
d a blast seeing all the different pet costumes. We saw a lot of Superman, one Batman, a bunch of bumblebees, dragons, lady bugs and ballerina's, even 3 dachund's dressed as Chiquita bananas.

Toby did get a little stressed out by the whole event. So I spent most of the tim
e carrying him (his 17 lbs. gets really heavy after about 10 minutes of holding him!) while Gizmo ever the social butterfly was happy to meet all the other dogs! Poor Toby, I wish he was more comfortable in social situations but he did the best he could. Next year I am bringing his stroller so he can ride along and feel safe away from the other dogs.

But despite all that, we had a great day! I wish Paul could have come but he had to work today. But maybe next year! Now Toby is totally exhausted and so am I!


illustration friday: windy
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "windy"

(click image to enlarge)
When I read the theme I imagined a girl taking a ride in the country on her little Vespa, scarf flowing in the breeze (wind), and of course her little doggie along for the ride.

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this and that
the last two days I have:
  • gone to the dentist
  • took Stan to get his 2nd set of shots
  • worked on commissions
  • chatted to Martha
  • answered 45 emails
  • started on new greeting card designs
  • created a new business card
  • talked to Bernie
  • taken Toby to the acupuncturist
  • added a photo guide and commission email form to my web site
  • purchased items from Super Target
  • returned most of the same items to Super Target
  • picked up cat food
  • lusted after these handbags, I think I will have to have one
  • found out that the I Want That! epsiode that I am on airs (Dec 8th!)
  • exercised by doing yoga & walking
  • debated whether to go to CHA or not in January
  • walked Toby (lots)
  • and of course snuggled with the pets!
Some new pet photos, I can't resist posting them!

Mabel taking a nap - look at that tummy!

Toby with a smile!

Stan - love the way he puts his arms over his head!


Blogger has been acting weird the last couple days. Just a test post.
brrr! it's cold!
It got really cold here, supposed to be in the low 40's tonight. Brrr! I can hardly stand it. Toby loves this weather though, he's super frisky when I take him out on walks, he's been on 4 really long walks already and wants to go out again. Meanwhile this weather makes the kitties very snuggly. Mabel and Stan are sleeping all curled up.

This week, I have been working away on commissions. Holiday orders have started coming in, so getting working on those early. If you were thinking about ordering a commission, now would be a great time to get your order in before I get too busy, hard to believe it but it's almost November!

Last week Paul and I got a DVR ( it's like Tivo) and it has been amazing, we are totally in love with it! I still can't get over the fact that I can pause TV while the show is on. That rocks my world! We have set it to tape all our favorite shows and now we can watch shows like Heros that play the same time as other shows we like. oh boy!! TV watching will never be the same.


craft synergy interview
I was interviewed by the Craft Synergy blog! yay!
Click here to read it.

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italy anyone?
Paul and I booked our flights to Italy today! It took is forever deciding whether to fly into Rome or Florence, in the end we decided to fly into Rome because there were more flight choices.

I'll be going in April to teach a workshop in Cortona. The workshop has now met it's minimum and so we are all set to go. Yay! There are still a couple of spaces left if you'd like to come, now would be a great time to ask for the trip as a Christmas or Holiday gift! For the ladies, just FYI, we have quite a few husbands coming as non participating attendees, they can still come to all the meals and day trips and there is plenty in Cortona to keep them busy while we make art!

I can't even begin to describe how much fun it is there, the food, the wine, the art and 7 days in Cortona is heaven!! I am super excited because as part of our workshop we'll be going to the Nikki de Saint Phalle tarot gardens. I have wanted to see them for so long! If you want to learn more click here for
more info.


illustration friday: ghost
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "ghost"

(click image to enlarge)
This is a piece that I created for the Wide Awake Press comic book anthology Fall/Horror issue.

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can't resist
I can't resist posting this new photo of Stanley. He's now 12 weeks old and a busy boy! He's at the stage where he runs around all night and acts like a nut. Here he is taking a disco nap before his night time antics!



project runway quiz
Answers in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed the quiz!


project runway finale
So it's Jeffrey! I had a feeling it would be! Last night it was such fun watching the show. We were up really late watching both the 10pm and 12am airing!

We all thought it was a toss up between Laura, Uli and Jeff. But we all guessed Jeffrey because his was the most edgy and the judges love edgy! I think all of them will have great careers ahead in fashion because all of the collections were wonderful.

We didn't get to play the garbage bag game, Martha and Larry were coming in from Birmingham and raced in while the finale was playing. But we did get to play the trivia game that Paul created, he did such a good job coming up with questions!

OK here are 7 of our favorites that Paul came up with, just for the record John won with Lynn coming in a close second. They know their PR Trivia!

1) Season 2 - While wearing their newly acquired gaudy skating outfits, the designers learned that they had to consider performance AND appearance when constructing their garments. What famous athlete were the designers asked to dress?

2) Season 2 - Episode eight was all about inspiration. Each designer was given a digital camera and sent out into the city to try to find one image that would spark their creativity. What unlikely object did Andrae choose to work from?

3) Season 1 - what deadly sin was the inspiration for the second challenge on "episode two"?

4) Season 1 - which designer visited the hospital to get their scalp stapled?

5) During Season 3's reunion episode Tim Gunn reveals he likes to do which hobby?

6) Season 2 - Santino Rice did a hilarious impression of Tim Gunn at which restaurant?

7)Season 1 - Wendy Pepper was upset because one of the designers did what to her daughter's picture?

Post your answers in the comments if you like!


ready for the runway finale
Paul and I are watching re-runs of Project Runway and preparing for our runway finale party tomorrow night! We're having Lynn and John and Martha and Larry over to celebrate the last episode.

Tonight Paul created a Project Runway trivia game. I am not allowed to see the questions so I can play along too. So it's top secret for now! We also thought of some PR themed games we can play, but we'll have to see if everyone else is up for it. One idea involves garbage bags, masking tape and 20 minutes to create a design for your partner. ha! should be fun!

We can hardly wait to see who wins!

Right now I am betting it will be Jeffrey. But I'm still rooting for Michael!


learn on the phone!
In January I'll be taking part in a 7-day art business tele-conference called the smARTist Tele-summit. For those of you who want to turn your art hobby into a full time business or would like to refine your business, this will be a great opportunity to learn in the comfort of your home.

I'll be joining a dozen other art career experts, and full time artists, bringing you nitty-gritty presentations to help you get recognized, exhibited and paid for your art.

In my section, I'll be speaking on becoming a published author as well as how you can begin a career as a workshop instructor. There will also be other amazing speakers talking about licensing, marketing, galleries, ebay, artist web sites, artist statements and all the things you need to know about managing your art business.

To kick everything off, there is a FREE Virtual TeleSummit Opening Reception Party to meet the keynote speakers and get a sneak peek at what's in store. The Opening Reception will be November 14 from 7-8 pm EST. Click here for a FREE registration to the opening reception! Spaces are limited!

Don't forget to mark your calendar for January 18-26! Click here to register for the tele-classes or to learn more about the program.
let's have cake!
Today is my Mom's birthday! Happy birthday Mom!! Paul and I are going out to dinner with her and my dad tonight at her favorite restaurant.

The weekend just flew by! Yesterday was supposed to be a relaxing day but turned into a busy one, fun, but still busy. I cleaned the house, Paul did the yard work. The we went to the
Winter Park Autumn Art Festival to visit with my friend Martha and see her. Gorgeous weather and great art!! Then we raced home, ate dinner, took Toby out and fed Stan and Mabel. Then went to go and see David Sedaris give a reading at the Orlando Convention Center. The traffic was a nightmare, but we made it there on time, barley.

Afterward we had drinks with
Lynn and John Whipple and Martha and Larry, they had all gone to see Sedaris too, which was a great surprise!! We stayed out really late chatting and laughing, it was a ton of fun.

OK off to take Mom out for her Birthday dinner!


illustration friday: smitten
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "smitten"

(click image to enlarge)
This is a piece that I created as a commission for this couple's 10th wedding anniversary.

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i am sleepy
The results of craziness from the last couple weeks combined with the traumatic trip home has finally hit me. All my adrenaline is gone and now I am totally exhausted. I did manage to get household errands done today and email caught up, Toby got a bath, and now I am off to bed. Nighty night.


project runway
I am too tired to comment properly on Project Runway. Instead a few of my thoughts:

1) I am worried about Michael and that his collection will be too hoochy which he seems to think is sexy. I really want him to win.
2)I don't think anything will happen with Jeffery and the "not sewing scandal" I think they are teasing us with the promise of drama.
3) how does a turtle manage to survive in Laura's house and that was really big poop for such a little turtle!
4) I have a feeling that Jeffery will be the winner.


the long road home
A timeline of my trip yesterday from Portland to Orlando. What should have taken me 7 hours ended up taking 18!

4am PST -- wake up at Portland hotel go to airport

6am PST -- flight leaves for Houston, have a very nice gal next to me, Susan, we hit it off and start chatting. In the window seat is an odd woman who is not turning off her cell phone even after the announcement. I ask her to turn it off and she rolls her eyes at me.

11am CST -- Susan comes back from the restroom and tells me she overheard the staff talking of rerouting us. Pilot comes over the PA and tells us there is "weather" in Houston and we are going to San Antonio to refuel and wait out the storm.

12:00 noon CST -- we land in San Antonio and are given updates each hour how much longer we will have to sit there. Susan and are fast friends by now. The airplane is hot, and gross. They have run out of water for us to drink. I go to the back to get something and find one steward massaging a stewardess. I interrupt them and they give me a couple cans of CranApple drink. I have never had CranApple drink and Susan and I agree it is surprisingly refreshing. They play 3 movies, Poseidon, Hoot and some Adam Sandler movie. We don't watch any of them. People are leaving the flight in San Antonio which we both think is a bad idea. Always stay with the plane, once you leave you are on your own.

3:30pm CST -- plane takes off to Houston

4:30pm CST -- land in Houston, say goodbye and good luck to Susan and race to catch the Orlando flight, I see the plane is still at the gate and I run as fast as I can. When I get to the gate, the jetway is just pulling back from the plane so I have missed it. A businessman has a meltdown and starts screaming at the gate agents. I decide to pretend I am on the Amazing Race and make this an exciting adventure.

4:45pm CST -- I ask about the next flight to Orlando. I am told it is over booked and I would be behind 20 other standbys to get on that flight. It is the last one of the night so if I don't get on it (which doesn't look likely), I'll have to fly home the next day. I ask about a Tampa flight and they have a confirmed seat for me, it is supposed to leave at 6:30pm. I call Paul and he books a rental car for me to pick up in Tampa.

5:30pm CST -- I eat dinner (Wendy's salad and fries - gross), then go to the gate and I see Susan again! We chat away about how glad we are to have seats on a plane.

6:30pm CST -- we board the plane to Tampa and I call Paul, he wants to come and get me in Tampa despite my begging him to stay home because he has work so early in the morning (he leaves the house for work at 4:45am). He starts driving to Tampa.

7:30pm CST-- the pilot tells us there are 16 other planes waiting to take off so it will be at least an hour on the runway before we can leave. I call Paul, he's 1/2 way to Tampa, he reluctantly goes home and books me a rental car again. They start playing Dr DooLittle3 to keep us quiet.

8:30pm CST -- the plane takes off!

11:15pm EST -- we land in Tampa. Susan and I say our good byes again. I run off to rent the car.

1:00am EST -- I pull into my driveway! I am HOME!

Today Paul and I will return the rental car, get my luggage at the Orlando Airport and then collapse. I didn't sleep well last night after all that and I am exhausted. But I am so proud of myself, I did not tear up once during the whole ordeal, I remained calm and I made it home! yay!!


Art and Soul is over. It feels like the last day of summer camp, everyone saying good-byes and see-you-next-years. I made it through teaching 7 classes and vending. wow! I am exhausted! But it was also a lot of fun too. I can't wait to get home and see Paul and the fur kids. I have a very early flight, my plane leaves Portland at 6am, so I'll be up early.
nighty night!


saturday in portland
Just got back from the interview/filming with Indie Arts magazine. Keely Barham and I were filmed shopping together at a fabric store, a yarn store and a paper store. I bought a ton of really cool fabric and we had a great time!

Now I'm going to try to have a little rest and then get ready for Art and Soul vendor night. We'll be there from 6-10pm. Here's a quick photo of a big pile of my Poppet® Sketches. I'll have these for sale tonight along with other artwork, books and exciting stuff! Stop by if you're in the area!

If you can't make it to the sale, I do have some of my Poppet® Sketches available online through Art Stream Studios Gallery.

I downloaded Project Runway the reunion episode and watched it last night. Will post my thoughts later. I want to watch it again!!

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taught 3 more classes - took one too!
I have made it through teaching 5 classes in the last three days. Yesterday I taught the first day of Beyond the Unexpected and then Poppet® Puppets (evening class). Today I taught the second day of Beyond the Unexpected. Both classes went wonderfully and everyone made such amazing things!

Then tonight I took a Family Portrait class from Carla Sonheim. I just love her work -- so fun and sweet. And she is the greatest gal! I couldn't wait to spend time in her space and energy even if I was exhausted. At first I thought I would only go for the first hour or so because I was so tired, but I ended up staying the whole class AND making this family portrait of Paul and I + Toby, Mabel and Stan too! I had a great time experimenting and trying something totally different for a change. It was just the tonic I needed after teaching so much.

Tomorrow I'll be doing an interview with Karen Landy for Indie Arts magazine, then I'll get ready for the Art and Soul vendor night from 6-10pm. If you're in the area come on by! It's open to the public!

PS I also downloaded Project Runway to iTunes, I hope to get to watch it tomorrow!

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a quick note
Day one of Art and Soul is all done! I taught Adventures in Color (9am - 4:30pm) and Minding your Own Business lecture (6-9pm). Everything went great but now I am exhausted, what a long day! Tomorrow I am teaching another full day and evening so I am off to bed!

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all done!
We wrapped up the filming today for the third DVD. Everything went great and we were done in record time! That was perfect because it gave me time to pack up all my stuff and get organized for my classes, and even make a trip to Home Depot.

Tomorrow I'll leave the Creative Catalyst Studios, drive back to Portland, go grocery shopping and check into the Embassy Suites. Then I'll be off to have lunch with Leslie from Amber Lotus, which should be a lot of fun to meet her! After all that, I'll turn in the rental car (I won't need it for Art and Soul as I'll barely leave the hotel) and then get ready to start teaching on Wednesday! I'll be teaching 7 classes in 5 days so I know I'll be worn out!

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dvd filming day one
The first day of DVD filming went really well! We got so much accomplished we just have a little bit to wrap up tomorrow. yay! Then I head back to Portland to get ready to teach on Wednesday.

Today I got all of the techniques covered (beeswax collage) and worked on a couple projects to show applying the techniques. So we are good to go.
Here's a photo of me on the set:
Here's what I look at when I am talking, we taped a smiley face onto the camera so I have something to smile at.
It feels weird talking with no one there except the cameras, so I do my best to try to pretend I am teaching one of my workshops and sound as natural as possible.

I am sleepy now! I think I'll take a little nap, then dinner, then I hope to catch Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives on TV tonight.

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travel day
I made it to Oregon! I am here at the Creative Catalyst studios. We'll be filming my third DVD tomorrow. oh boy!

The trip went well. I made my connection in Houston with just enough time, as I arrived at the gate they were boarding the plane. Whew. I hate it how airlines allow such tight connections now, it is so stressful.

Other than a small teary moment at baggage claim, when I dropped my strawberry smoothie on the floor and all over my luggage, I sometimes get a smidge teary when traveling alone but it only lasted a minute -- (I could never make it on the Amazing Race) --the rest of the trip went very smoothly.

I had a funny moment on the plane when one of the flight attendants asked what I was reading. I debated whether to tell him, but then I decided well, he asked so I said deadpan "a fictional memoir about a hermaphrodite" and he was like "oh" and then looked at me and walked away. What did he think I was reading? I guess Nancy Drew or something. By the way the title is Middlesex and it is a very good book! Right up my alley.

As of right now I have been on the go for 20 hours so I am off to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow.
PS. Today is my one year blog-a-versary!!

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