brrr! it's cold!
It got really cold here, supposed to be in the low 40's tonight. Brrr! I can hardly stand it. Toby loves this weather though, he's super frisky when I take him out on walks, he's been on 4 really long walks already and wants to go out again. Meanwhile this weather makes the kitties very snuggly. Mabel and Stan are sleeping all curled up.

This week, I have been working away on commissions. Holiday orders have started coming in, so getting working on those early. If you were thinking about ordering a commission, now would be a great time to get your order in before I get too busy, hard to believe it but it's almost November!

Last week Paul and I got a DVR ( it's like Tivo) and it has been amazing, we are totally in love with it! I still can't get over the fact that I can pause TV while the show is on. That rocks my world! We have set it to tape all our favorite shows and now we can watch shows like Heros that play the same time as other shows we like. oh boy!! TV watching will never be the same.


I live in Upstate NY, so I chuckle at your idea of "really cold," though that is pretty chilly for Florida. My Max also gets very frisky in this weather. He has endless energy to walk, chase leaves etc. Keep warm!!
We've had Tivo for about 4 years now, and will be getting a DVR in the next week or so for another room of the house. I tell ya, you get so addicted to it that after awhile, one is not enough! Though, for all the shows I record, it's hard to find time to watch them all. And, ya. I love the idea of being able to pause a show. My hubby and his friends have the bbq going during a football game, pause it to go flip the burgers and grab a beer, or rewind to replay something and discuss it, and they don't miss a second of the game because it's still recording! Amazing.
I love my DVR!!! It's great to make sure that you won't miss your important shows :) We even had our TV unplugged for a while and it still recorded via the cable! Amazing! :)
Your whole LIFE will change with dvr. I am so excited for you, I know that particular joy. =)
As a native Norwegian (born and raised above the polar circle) - I too must giggle at your notion of what qualifies as cold weather :)

But at least we can agree that Heroes is a great show.
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