illustration friday: smitten
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "smitten"

(click image to enlarge)
This is a piece that I created as a commission for this couple's 10th wedding anniversary.

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So nice! What a great gift idea! My first anniversary is this weekend; so I'll file this gift plan away for the future for sure....
lovely and sweet!
Lovely piece.
That's some tall smit. Nice look.
this is adorable claudine! really charming in everyway. i hope that you are feeling better and get some well deserved rest!
have a wonderful weekend!
Great illustration! I especially love the cats!
such a unique style!
Love this!!!
nicely done! very cool!
So adorable!! I love this piece it has so much energy in it! You're so talented I look forward to seeing more of your great work!
Awwwe, it is so sweet!!! I LOVE it!
Love is so great! Wonderful illustration! Love those pants!

I might have already mentioned this but I really enjoyed the interview you indcluded on your DVD. I loved hearing about your experiance in art school and how you found your way to the artwork you do today.

Being on that path right now - not knowing where I will end up - it is nice to hear other artist's stories!
Makes me swoon!
I love the meows on the side! :)
nice to see you at it the smitten loves...looking forward to your creations for Illo Friday!!!
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Nice work! You have an interesting website too!
That's beautiful, both your work as well as the couple's love for each other :)
thanks for the message! it's great to see your work again :) take care..
love the 2 cats and their expressions amongest sooo much love. nice to see u back too
So adorable - I'm sure they love it! And the little furry friends are so cute too...truly a keeper =)
this is soooo sweet! love it :)
precious. great style! great design!
i like the cat with the red hat. nice illo.
I am always so smitten with your work!
I would love to get an anniversary card like this. Do you print any of your designs?
oh wow that is just totally delicious!
Wow, what a wonderful collage and an awesome anniversary gift. Great work as always!
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