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The interview on Martha Stewart Sirius Satellite Radio went really great today. It was so much fun talking to Jennifer!

Paul taped the interview and with permission from them, I am posting a portion of it here for you to listen.

We only got the first 22 minutes before we had computer problems, but it's enough for you to get a feel for the interview.

Click here to listen (22 minutes)

Thanks to all who helped me come up with questions! That was a huge help!
Paul and I will do a couple Q&A podcasts with them, so look for that later.

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You did awesome, Claudine! I really enjoyed it... :)
Terrific! And I have to tell you that I had never seen Project Runway before (no cable here!) but I watched a marathon of last season @ my mom's today. One ep & I was hooked. Loved it! Design shows are just the best & Heidi Klum rocks.
Wonderful, Claudine!! I missed the broadcast, but listened to the MP3. Fingers are crossed that the next step is to get you into the magazine!!
What a great interview, Claudine. Thanks for sharing it with us! Looking forward to the podcasts.
Terrific interview!!! I don't have Sirius, but I listened to the clip and really enjoyed it!
Claudine I learn so much from your interview and the podcasts. When I listen to you I feel inspired. Thank you so much for reaching out to artists and beginners everywhere. I hope to take a class from you one day. I recently have purchased both your books too. You are awesome!
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