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I am too tired to comment properly on Project Runway. Instead a few of my thoughts:

1) I am worried about Michael and that his collection will be too hoochy which he seems to think is sexy. I really want him to win.
2)I don't think anything will happen with Jeffery and the "not sewing scandal" I think they are teasing us with the promise of drama.
3) how does a turtle manage to survive in Laura's house and that was really big poop for such a little turtle!
4) I have a feeling that Jeffery will be the winner.


Your number 3 cracked me up! You're funny!
I agree with everything you've said so far.
I can't wait to see the final show!
I feel like Laura and Jeff are the clear front runners after last night. The gold sequin pockets on that one shirt of Michael's turned me off completely. Everybody knows Jeff showed in the tents - the video was up the next day! I hated the tease at the end with Tim saying "unfortunately..." and Jeff crying. What does it mean???
I think the teaser at the end is showing me that Jefferey is fine...emotional but fine...I'm sure with his past he's had to try to prove himself so many times and this was another of 'those' times but this time he really was telling the truth.

I think Michael is out...he's too shiny...

I am hopeful for Uli, she seemed to keep with her same silouette but without all the prints...some prints...but not every dress.

I'd love to see Uli or Laura win. I think Laura for sure will come out of all this either with her own line, or working for someone else, but still designing all the same. She is really talented.

I'm afraid Jeffrey will win. Truly NOT my favorite person or designer...but he seems to have the strongest point of view which is what they like. In looking at the runway shows on the internet you don't see any of the true 'details' he put into his garments (or anyone else's for that matter.)
Snicker snicker at your turtle poop comment!!! It was nice to see Jeffrey in a different light with his family. He seemed much nicer than when he was in the apartment and workroom. I agree with your comments regarding Michael, he seems like he is freaking out. I also think the tease was just that, and that Jeff breaks down because he is happy that he will get to still do the show. I was really surprised that he didn't go off majorly at Laura for her concerns. Since she was not the only one, I think they are justified to ask the questions. Oh, and I liked what Laura and Uli were creating. Not much different from their usual stuff, but I think more mainstream than Jeffrey. I am so excited to see next week's show!!
I am hoping for Jeffrey to win. I love the fantasy elements of his collection...reminds me a little of Jay in Season 1. I love their imaginations.

Laura and Uli are okay...I miss Uli' prints...I think this collection doesn't have enough Uli. I think they've talked her into the idea that being herself isn't enough.

Laura's designs are elegant and beautiful but without the "spark" that makes me love Jay and Jeffrey's work.

Michael was my favorite at the beginning but he's turning his back on the sportswear he is good at and is getting seduced by the "bling". Yuck. I wonder if they are only allowed women models. Otherwise, I think at least half of Michael's collection should have been for men.
I really liked Jeffrey's comment about his past and what a parent would feel like. You have to be there to understand so I am rooting for him.
oh thank you reality tv for a show like project runway. i couldn't love a program more.

oh i can't wait till next week!

hi from Santa Fe, Claudine!

hanging out before our last dinner at Maria's, so thought i'd catch up with your blog! not so sure i should have read the part about the flight-from-hell the day before we fly home!

trip has been great - fortunately moved to santa fe and a hotel w/ Bravo in time for wednesday. however i'm not too swift at the time zone it seems. have caught part of last week in reruns, still looking to catch the rest. LOL - your 4 points -all too true! from what i have seen so far seems jeffery is the most true to himself through the stress and outside feed back till the end.

more when we get back to so. cal. -enjoy being home!
What makes this program so interesting is that it is not a popularity contest. So who we all like or don't like is just good gab, isn't it.
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