all packed and ready to go
I am all packed and ready to leave tomorrow at 4:30am EST. It took me all day, and that was just checking everything that I had packed last week! I will be gone 10 days. First filming my third DVD (beeswax collage) and then teaching at Art and Soul. It is really hard for me to leave on this trip. I want to stay at home and snuggle the babies. I am sure I will be so busy the time will fly by!

As promised, here's a photo of Mabel and Stan together. I love the look on her face! She is so tollerant of Stanley's antics. But she really does seem to be enjoying him, even washing and grooming him. awww! More photos here.


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Ha! I LOVE the look on Mabel's face. It's like - "look what I have to put up with!" or "I hate to admit it, but I do love him!" Thanks for the great pic!
What a great pic of Mabel...she is beautiful!
Oh, she looks positively maternal. The sweetness of it all! I can't stand it they're so CUTE! Must. Go. Hug. My. Cats.
I wish my new kitten got along with my old cat as your does.So sweet! Love everything you do! I watch your dvd's over and over!I live in Seattle and wished I could have made it to Portland. Another time.Thank you for everything you do!Your so inspiring!
Ooooh they are so so cute!!! I want to cuddle my laptop they are so cute!!
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