still busy!
I am still super busy getting everything together before I leave on Saturday.

I am working like crazy on my commissions -- I want to get them all to a good stopping point, so that way I can leave to teach in Portland with peace of mind. I'll be gone 10 days so I'll lose a lot of studio time in there. Here's a Poppet® sketch commission that I just finished up of this sweet family!

Today I finally got caught up on all my email from when I was
away last week. Ahhh! So nice to see the inbox empty, even if it's just for a little bit!

OK back to work for me.
I have 3 commissions that I want to pack up to ship off tomorrow (one to Australia!).

My goal is to be all finished for the night in time for the Amazing Race so I can relax and enjoy it!
I didn't know you liked that show! I tell my sis that we should try to be on that show-i could provide comic relief as I suffer running,and Sheila is a world traveler and would have no problems (except me)!
Oooooh, so fun to find that you love Amazing Race!!! I *fuzzy hearts* that show BIG TIME!!! One of my favorites (tied with Survivor). You really should post your take on it in your blog, so we can all discuss it here. :)
I saw the first episode of Craft Lab today..the opening shot of the show has one of your poppet paintings, Claudine. :)
I'm the grandma of the cute family. Great job. They will treasure your work and I predict that it will become a heirloom. Kristen loved your workshop in Sedona this past Summer. Keep up the good work and have fun. phuang from california
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