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What an interesting episode!

I couldn't believe my eyes when they brought Vincent and Angela back! That was a good twist. I was worried they would make it to the next round. But they didn't. Thankfully, Vincent didn't say his famous "it gets me off" quote so now I can safely know I won't have to hear that anymore!

I was surprised Laura's dress won. It was very nice, but to me, it looked like her other clothes, I really didn't see what was different about it. I like Michael's the best. Uli is walking on thin ice doing the same type of look every week. Did you catch Michael Kors impression of her? Poor Uli, I like her, but she needs to mix it up. The Judges hate it when you are predictable. I hated Jeffery's outfit, those leggings, ick. Seemed like Angela cheated a little by stuffing the purse full of the extra fabric. And Vincent's dress was way too short, but not horrible.

I was sad to see Kayne go. boo hoo! I really liked him.

Anyone know when the finale will be? Paul and I want to have a Project Runway finale party and we were trying to figure out when the date is from the web site. It's hard to tell.


Hey Claudine!
Did you see the poll ?s re: who you would want to have back? I would definitely choose Alison; I don't think she had a real chance. Angela and Vince (eck! gross) are gone, thank goodness. I really do think Michael is gonna win. Uli must stop talking about designing for South Beach and get out of her comfort zone next time. Jeffrey too.
Oooh what fun, a PR Party! You should do a PR PJ Party! Design you own PJs. . . hmmmm. . . my daughter might like that - she's in college!
I think the commercial for the new Top Chef said it would premier following the PR finale on Oct. 18. Did you hear the scream from Indiana when vincent-the-freak reappeared? I cannot envision anyone but Michael winning -The K and Nina are so in love with him...who isn't? So the only question that remains is whether or not he will take the car.
I was happy that Laura's dress won. She was so discouraged after the judges comments last weekend. We all know that feeling. And then when she won this week finally!)it changed her whole disposition. What a difference a little positive feedback makes. It was nice to see that vulnerable side to Laura. And I thought she DID move outside her box with this week's design. But Uli...when is she and Vincent ever going to get the point that they need to mix-it-up a little and stop designing the same thing over and over again? I think Uli is the next to go. I agree that Michael will probably be the winner in the end...but then that seems so predictible and these kind of shows like to pull the rug out from under us at the end, so then it makes me wonder. Michael is sooo nice and sooo talented. His designs are consistent, but never the same. And he puts so much thought into his designs. I love when he explains them to the judges. He's the best!
Sorry about the long-winded previous post. Heidi was just on The View this morning and she announced that the Season Finale for PR is October 18th....Party-On!
I wish they'd spend a little time showing each designer and the designs they created week to week...then maybe it would jolt them into realizing that their stuff all looks the same. Even Jefferey's rock and roll we need more of it?

I was happy for Laura too, she seems to really listen to the judges criticism when so many others seem to say 'I don't care what they say, I like my design'...

Can't wait for the reunion show, it seems that there were a lot of unkind things said this time, good for Michael for staying out of it. Even if he doesn't win the competition, I could see MK hiring him on for sure, he always seems to love his presentation and its completness.
There were so many others who could have really done something with a second chance and to waste it on vincent and angela was awful. Well, Bradley would have been worse.

Next year I'd like them all to have to make a pair of pants, a suit, a blouse or shirt, a jacket etc. Uli can only make her loose boobie mumu. That's not fashion. And no glue guns. there was more gluing this year than ever before.
I must say I agree with all the above. Michael is fab in every way. Although I like Uli, her stuff looks all the same. I hate to say this but as much as I dislike Jeffery, and how much I disliked a number of his designs, they are more different than Uli's. But you never know what might happen. Of the four, Michael is the most varied. Laura does try to listen but her stuff is very much the "same". Uli hasn't been listening - she thinks she is, but she isn't. This will be a very interesting next episode!! My gut tells me Uli will be out but you don't know. Michael so fell down on the coiture dress. I'd like to think that the judges would "forgive him". It doesn't matter what happens. This young man is a rising fashion star!!! On a different subject Stanley is SUCH a cutie!! XO!
When Heidi was on The View this morning, the women were asking her who her favorite was and she, of course, didn't give an answer. But she did say that who knows, maybe we will mix it up this time and not have three finalists like in the past seasons. So what do you think she meant by that?
Loved it! I actually thought of you when they brought Vincent back! He is soooo creepy. Glad he and Angela didn't make it through. It was such a fun show to watch. Can't wait till next week.
I gotta say that Laura's dress was different from her previous designs in that it was more layered and showed a nod towards using patterned fabrics. Yeah, straight lines, but again, fabric choices seemed a twist for her.
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