photo time!
Another busy day around here, getting work and errands done before I leave on Sunday for the Craft Labtaping. But I did manage to take some new photos of Stan and get lots of cuddle time in. I promised Jen I would take more photos so here they are :)

This is one of me and Stanley

Paul and Stanley

Stan kissing Paul

I love this pic of Stan kissing Paul. He spent about 5 minutes licking Paul's face all over -- it was the cutest!

And here's a last one of Stan asleep after a big play session. Awww!


Stan is soooo tiny. I remember our kitties when they were that much fun to watch. He looks very happy and content in his new home.
Oh, Stan is soo cute! That picture of Paul getting kisses is the sweetest! It made me smile! I'm so happy you guys were able to get little Stan. Such a perfect name for him, too. What would we couples without human babies do without our little fur-children??? Aren't they so wonderful??? Congrats to you and Paul!
I'm just so happy you have him!!!
I wish I could find more wonderful, loving homes for my littles ones..
Thank you for being my friend and for LOVING Stanley!!

P.S. be careful not to kiss the fur off of him:)
Adorable pics, Claudine!
Oh my goodness! Cute-torious!
I was thinking of you yesterday because I was in my studio playing with the idea of xerographic lithography. It dawned on me that lazer printed ink must not be water soluable. Then I painted with acrylic on paper and tried the process that way. It totally works. I love the way it looks and now need to try it large scale. Do you know anything about this?
I wish you lived down the block and I could hope on my bike and pop in on you.
oh.. he's so cute! ahh!! how can you stand it???
:) Abbie
Awwwwe. He is just adorable and so sweet!
He's SOOOOO sweet. Congrats!
Ya'll look like the happiest little family! So cute. And I love Paul's tee! :)
Oh, my. It would be sooooo hard for me to leave on Sunday if I were in your place. To have to miss any days of little Stan's cuteness. Adorable!
Cutest photos - ever! Oh my goodness Stan is adorable!!!!!!!!
my only question... does kitty food smell as good as puppy food?! hope so! either way love the photos and the sweet baby fur face!

best to all at your house from our house - Karen & Jack
Our cat insists on bathing my husband's haead after he's gone for a run (he has very short hair) -- I think it's the pheremones!

Adorable kitten. I've always always wanted a ginger cat.
the kissy picture is particularly adorable. I love the gritty/sandy feel of a kitty tongue. I have not had a kitten since I was a little girl, but I'll never forget that sensation. thanks for sharing the pics.
Now that is one cute kitty. Congrats on the family addition Claudine.
I was waiting for you to put up more pictures of Stan - kitties are so wonderful and this one is definitely a winner.
Yes. That is one sweet baby. Love your blog cause it is so easily read. I also took a liking to Pauls' unusual Tee shirt. Thanks, Clare
Congratulations on your COLORFUL new addition to the family. Stan is the perfect Creamsicle Kitty~and so lucky to join your loving home. Enjoy!
OMgosh, Claudine, this kitty is the cutest!

And, there's hope for me! Today on TV they talked about a new breed of cat that is hypoallergetic - yippee!
Aww ok...Stan won me over! What a cutie! Too bad I am allergic to kitties...or else I would go get one!
This is too adorable!!! What a darling!
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