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I am all in a flurry getting ready to leave Sunday for the Craft Lab taping. It is going to be so hard to leave with sweet little Stan here! I have to tear myself away from home under normal circumstances, but now that Stan is here it will be even harder. Oh well. This trip is a short one I'll be back on Wednesday, then ten whole days before I leave on my last trip of the year to Portland to teach at Art and Soul (there's still room in my classes if you want to come and play!)

So far Mabel seems to be accepting of little Stanley, so there is good progress there! yay! As soon as I can, I'll get a photo of the two of them. We're still on "orange alert" when they are together so it makes it hard to take pictures. But so far not much hissing so that is great!

This morning I met with a private art consultant, Katherine Gibson of ArtHouse3 (no web site). She works with clients that are looking for artwork for their homes and businesses. That was exciting! She will be having a show in Feb. and is interested in my work for that.

After that I worked on commissions and also on Poppet® Sketches to sell when I go to Portland to teach. I managed to get enough prepped so that way I can take them to Burbank with me and finish them up on the plane or in the hotel. I also have some Poppet® Sketches available from ArtStream Studios in NH.

Thank you to Artful Wisdom for the super great mention on their blog!
Got your book (the first one) yesterday, Claudine, and am really enjoying it. So many projects to do, so little time.
Hi Claudine,

Just read the previous comment and giggled. I was stopping by to say how much I use your books, I reach for them regularly. They are such a great reference - besides loving the art work.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write them.

Art Hugs
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