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So it's a final four instead of a final three! I figured as much from the preview last week. But it was still a great episode. I felt for Uli and Michael having creative blocks. Sometimes it can be much harder to have full creative freedom than to have limitations to work in. Jeffery tried to go outside his box, which is admirable but it didn't really work out super great.

I was glad Uli won, I thought her dress looked very "her" but not the same as all her others. I am worried about Michael now. I read an article in the NY Times that said his outfits in Fashion Week ended up looking hoochy. I really want him to win, so now I am in suspense. The same article also said that all of Laura's designs looked all the same. I can't remember what it said about Jeffery or Uli, I guess I'll have to wait and see!

Next week I'll be teaching
Art and Soul in Portland so I won't have Bravo. Maybe I'll pay the $10 for highspeed internet one day so I can download the next episode on iTunes. I hate it when hotels charge so much for highspeed. And then cheapo hotels like Fairfield Inn offer it free, weird. But I don't want to miss the episode where they get everyone together to rehash the season. There is sure to be drama!


Hi Claudine,
If you are staying near the airport there is a location pretty near by that has high speed wifi... Let me know if you need to know where it is. Hope to see you at the show on the 6th. I will say hi, from one Claudine to another
I could not believe I stayed up until 11:00 and they kept everybody. I think Michael would have been out and that just couldn't have happened. This is the point in the series where I can't figure out if the jugdes are going on individual challenges or the cumulative work of the designer - drives me crazy.
if you go to you can get a peek at some of the outfits. it doesn't tell which designer is which but you can kinda guess and it only shows a few of each. it lists it by project runway, not the individual designers. fun to see some of the work, can't wait to see who wins!
Looking forward to seeing next week's episode and all the rehashing of stuff. Oh, and finding out who the viewer's choice will be. Should be interesting. I was SO wanting Jeffery to be out this week. I really did not like his dress at all. I figured Uli would win this week based on the comments. I thought she did an excellent job.
I have seen all four of the collections via various sites on the web, complete with photos of the designers themselves. The opions seem to be varied on whether people 'like' them or not.

I was glad Uli won lastnight, although they all won really. But, although Michael Kors doesn't like Uli's stuff, she seems to get overlooked a lot...I think there are several challenges that she could have won.

Michael was my fav from day one, but now I'm hesitant...but Jeffrey remains my least fav. There is a lot of 'chatter' on line too that he cheated in the making of his final garments (by getting assistance sewing) so it will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

I'm still hoping for more of Project Jay who also showed at Fashion week finally and I have seen his show on line too...very Jay! :)

You can go and look at the runway show at
I think that Jeffrey's was the most disappointing for me, Laura = feathers. Uli's was terrif.

Have a great time teaching..wish I could be there.

Cathi Rosengren
Hi sweetie, I tried to read your post cautiously (I havent seen PR yet).

I hope you have a wonderful trip to Portland! I was going to mention that there is a website (not sure of the addy) that lists the best locations of free internet access. The local libraries usually have free access if you are close to one. It may not work out but I was hoping to save you ten bucks *smile*

I loved Uli's dress, too; especially the way she used the print. The others were not so great, Jeffrey's was downright scary. Took a look at the show collections and actually liked Jeffrey's the most but it will be interesting to see how the controversy regarding "who sewed them?" pans out.
Ah, Claudine.. with as much as you travel, this is a key reason to get TIVO. Not only can you set it up to automatically record the shows you love.. if you notice something special and you are not near your home, you can set things up at so you can sit at your computer and tell your tivo to record a program. And do it anywhere in the world!!
i dunno if you watched the reunion yet, put the people that are normally rotten behaved and people that were okay are nasty, like vincent. who stinks anyway.
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