illustration friday: ghost
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "ghost"

(click image to enlarge)
This is a piece that I created for the Wide Awake Press comic book anthology Fall/Horror issue.

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Very Spook-EE
nice work. Wide Awake Press looks very interesting. I'll take a longer look.
I like the feeling the blue tones give it. And what exactly is he looking at under there? The cat's a nice touch!
I love this Claudine. The cat is so curious and cute. And so brave to be toying with that creature.

I have appreciated your comments on my art in the past and I could not understand why your name was familiar until I retrieved my Collage Discovery Workshop book and there you were! Great book. Bought in in Boston last year. You are such a talent. All the Best.
love the cat! nice palette, too!
I loveee the blue palette...such a hoot...the whole piece!! smiles, andra
I absolutely LOVE this! Especially the curious little kitty - so adorable and spooky =)
This makes all cat owners smile. Great colors!
heehehe...that is so cool....lov eit!! love the tentacles!!!
haha, too funny. I love it! Great color use!
very interesting! nice work
I love this - great color palette. Creepy and cool... :) cute cat too - he better watch out!!
This is so funny, love the guy peeking out, while his "wife" looks unimpressed with the spook. Great illo.
je, you make me laugh!
This looks great, and I love the limited use of colors.

oh-oh i would have never imagine an octopus ghost! creepy!
GREAT work Claudine!
Hysterical! That would so be me hiding and my husband looking calm and collected ;-)
Good job! I really like how you've used a monochromatic palette. Is that kitty silhouette Stanley?
This is great! I love those faces under the covers and the curious kitty checking out the action under the bed! The blue tones work well. Boooooooo!
very good! love the blue!
Cool work ..... LOL at the kitty 'pawing' at the monster under the bed.
Hey Claudine - first time visit. Fabulous work here!

It's very Lovecraftian. You know what they say about curiousity and cats and all too...
this is great!
I lurve your use of collage! The little detail with that bloke wearing glasses makes me giggle
beautiful fun illo!! BTW, the kitty is soo cute!!
Claudine, this is just cool!
Very fun! And very beautiful. And thanks for taking the time to answer my email this week about laser printers. I've been having fun with collage the last couple months. And your book really is terrific!
This is so cool. I love the look on the woman's face and the way you made her arms crossed as if she has no patience for monsters. I love the details, especially the window.
I love the color palette of his piece. The cat is adorable to - going after his monster bits!!
great work!
Uhuuu... good idea. Very well done.
This is the funniest one I have seen so far. Great job. Poor kitty better watch out.
Great image! It's always fun to see your entries.
What a brave little kitty!
Wicked creepy ghosty fun! This illo is wonderful. I love the expression on her face.
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