this and that
the last two days I have:
  • gone to the dentist
  • took Stan to get his 2nd set of shots
  • worked on commissions
  • chatted to Martha
  • answered 45 emails
  • started on new greeting card designs
  • created a new business card
  • talked to Bernie
  • taken Toby to the acupuncturist
  • added a photo guide and commission email form to my web site
  • purchased items from Super Target
  • returned most of the same items to Super Target
  • picked up cat food
  • lusted after these handbags, I think I will have to have one
  • found out that the I Want That! epsiode that I am on airs (Dec 8th!)
  • exercised by doing yoga & walking
  • debated whether to go to CHA or not in January
  • walked Toby (lots)
  • and of course snuggled with the pets!
Some new pet photos, I can't resist posting them!

Mabel taking a nap - look at that tummy!

Toby with a smile!

Stan - love the way he puts his arms over his head!


We refer to our cats' droopy bellies as "fat bags". It's our favorite place to rub.
all the blogs have been acting a bit strange...stan looks big....what a cutie...andra
Has Stanley's eyes turned color yet?
There are never too many photos of Stanley!
I got tired reading your list....thank heavens you did the list not me.

I think cats grow out of that charming habit with the paws over the head. When mine were kittens, they would stretch out on their backs with forepaws over the head and back paws flopped open. Now they only do the back paws.
I agree with Dee, you can never post too many pics of Stan. And Mabel! She looks like such a soft, furry bundle of love.
aw! so cute. and stan is growing up so quickly! have a great weekend!
Looks like Stan was doing yoga too! I love his pink toes!!!
He's cute and adorable!

Comment to Molly's comment:
Actually some cats don't outgrow it, mine is 14 now and he still does this, I'll have to post a pic to my blog, I took his pic about a month ago. The other one, Pepper, never did it even when he was a kitten.
Btw I meant to tell you he has a beautiful smile. Does he meow or does he chirp? My orange tabby chirps like a bird.
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