travel, travel + more travel
Today I have been packing like a crazy person!

I am leaving tomorrow to teach 5 classes at Art and Soul in Virginia. I get back home on Monday night, am home for 24 hours, then leave the next day for Louisville KY to demo at the NAMTA show! THEN I get home from that trip am home for two days and then leave to teach a 3 day class in Bonita Springs (spaces still available!)

So today I was really packing for 3 trips at once!

I will finally be back "officially " in DC on May 19th! I'm not counting the two days I am home in between trips!

It might be hard for me to find a spare minute to blog. But I'll be Twittering! Follow me on Twitter to get the latest updates from my travel adventures!

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book giveaway winner!
Announcing the winner of the book giveaway for Vickie Howell's new book, Pop Goes Crochet!

Sursi you are the winner! The random number generator at selected #38 and that's you! Send me an email with your address and I will mail this book out to you!

thank you everyone for playing! We'll have more giveaways soon!!

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kids canvas art, mini album tutorial, and more!
Lots of exciting linky shout outs and a big THANK YOU to everyone who used the Claudine Hellmuth Studio products on their blogs in the week! I found some more great projects that you don't want to miss!

  • Sarah Pengergast on the Creative Inklings blog created the CUTEST mini canvases for a child's bedroom using Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints. You don't want to miss these!
  • Jessica Summers has a fabulous mini album tutorial using Claudine Hellmuth Studio Sticky-Back canvas and paints on the Daily Inspiration blog, check out her tutorial here!
  • Sarah Whitmire created a beautiful and very large painting using Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints.
  • Lisa Spangler made super cute little Russian dolls from Claudine Hellmuth Studio Stick-Back Canvas and Hero Arts Stamps
  • Suze Weinberg used Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints in a spin art machine for some fun techniques!
  • Lynne Forsythe whipped up amazing metal flowers using Claudine Hellmuth Studio gesso and paints, and she tells you how on her blog!
  • Super cute altered Maya Road chipboard wings from Lynn Warner!
  • Hailey Mann from the Paper +Glue blog used Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi-Medium 3 ways in her scrapbook layout, a transfer medium, as a glue and to make a glaze. Take a look here!


  • Jennie, the owner of The Stamp Collection is havin a giveaway until May 3rd on her blog. You can win lots of goodies and a jar of Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paint too. Click here to enter!

And just a reminder! If you make a project and post it to your blog using any of my Studio Line products, let me know and I'll list it when I do linky blog post! Also for the instructors out there: send me an email if you are teaching a class using my product line and I'll mention it too! For more information about the
Claudine Hellmuth Studio product line click here!


giveaway time!
Let's have a giveaway to perk things up around here!

Vickie Howell's fabulous new book Pop Goes Crochet arrived in my mail and what a treat it was to get this book! There are some super cute projects in here, my favs are the scarfs on page 51 & 83. I am a scarf-a-holic and if I knew how to crochet I would be whipping these up in no time!

I don't know a lick of crochet but I imagine some of you do out there! So this giveaway is for all of you!! Just post a comment below and I will pick a winner at random on Monday at 6pm EST! Don't forget to include your email address or blog so I can contact you if you are a winner!

A winner has been selected using the random number generator at
Click here to see if you are the winner!
thank you everyone for playing! We'll have more giveaways soon!!

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cards helping paws!
The website has a special offer! 50% of all sales from now until April 26th will go directly to A Place to Bark! My Go Girl card line is available through this web site too as well as many other wonderful card designs!

Here's the official notice:

Visit Plum Special site here and stock up on cards to help Bernie's animal shelter!!


dogs in heaven
our niece Jacquelin made this artwork for us in tribute to our dog Toby.


Her artwork takes place in heaven - she has Toby on the left and her dog Duchess who passed away last year on the right.

Duchess first asks Toby if he wants to play, then Toby says yes.

In the second bubble she has Duchess say "You are cured!" Then Toby says "I'm cured!" (Toby had terminal oral melanoma) .

Such a touching work of art from Jacquelin. I cried my eyes out when I got it in the mail last night. So sweet!! Thank you Jacquelin!!


workshop updates!
I can't believe that May is around the corner! I have my last 3 day comprehensive workshop of the year coming up in Bonita Springs Florida May 15-17th. The class size is kept small so there is lots of one-on-one instruction, the Art League of Bonita Springs is an amazing facility!

Here's the class description:

Inspired Claudine's book, Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected, this three day, intensive collage workshop will focus on techniques, color, and composition when used in the assemblage format. You will learn a combination of painterly techniques to enhance the surface of your collage artwork and experiment with transfer methods, printmaking techniques and idea generation tools. After we've gotten our hands dirty, we'll put together a series of 3-d cigar-box collages, using the depth of the cigar box format to bring prominent elements to the foreground. I'll also show you how to become more comfortable with using your own drawing and line work in your collages along with exercises to practice and tips you can use right away. Even if you have never collaged or painted before you'll leave this workshop feeling like a pro! This one-on-one instruction is not to be missed! Workshop is available to artists of all skill levels - beginning to advanced. To register call the Art League of Bonita Springs at (239) 495-8989. Download a workshop itinerary and supply list as a Word Document.

Makes a perfect Mother's Day gift!

Complete workshop listings on my web site here!


sticky-back canvas earrings
Artist Alisa Burke, and author of the inspiring book Canvas Remix, has created a a tutorial on her blog. You don't want to miss this one!

Alisa shows you how to make a fabulous pair of earrings with Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints, Sticky-Back canvas and mediums. Check out her tutorial here!

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city shop girl special offer
I'm listed on the DC website CityShopGirl! I am offering a special promotion for my custom artworks as well, and you don't have to be a DC resident to get in on the deal. Mention "CityShopGirl + blog" when ordering for 20% off sketch artworks and 10% off canvas artworks. Offer good on orders placed through April 30. Now scheduling artworks to be started in late May. Click here to order now!

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a tribute to our beloved toby
Today is a very sad day. We helped our little dog Toby cross over the rainbow bridge. For the last 6 weeks when his cancer (oral melanoma) came out of remission, our world here stopped. We knew our time left would be short and we made every day count - spending hardly a second away from him. Appointments and vacations were canceled, work was put on hold, friends were told we'd visit with them later. Toby became #1 priority cuddling and loving him every chance we got!

Through our grief we are concentrating on the happy memories we have of Toby.


Almost 7 years ago to the day we adopted Toby from a Pekingese Rescue in Lakeland Florida. His story started out sad, discarded with heartworm at a rescue by a woman who wanted to put him down because she didn't want him anymore -- but he ended up with us -- loved beyond belief and spoiled rotten - just how every dog should be treated!

People would literally stop on the street when they saw Toby and exclaim and make a huge fuss over him. Sometimes the people who would stop would be not the type of people you would expect to love a little fluffy dog. I remember when we first moved to DC, Paul and I were walking Toby and a car playing loud rap music pulled up. The car stopped, and out came a group of guys with gold teeth very "gangsta" looking. When they saw Toby they started gushing and were making cooing noises at him and calling him pup pup. Toby soaked it all in. We couldn't go on a walk without someone making a huge fuss over over Toby and he loved it. He knew how cute he was! The barber shop guys would come out to say hi to him and then later check on him when he was sick. Everyday I would walk by there they would say "it's good day today - Toby is still here!"

Toby feels good today!

Toby helped us make many friends in Florida with our neighbors and here now in DC with other dog walkers, new friendships were blossoming.

Despite his cuteness Toby had a grumpy old-man personality which we thought was hilarious and charming. He could be a cranky sleeper, if we moved around too much on the bed he would let us know with a growl and it always made us giggle. Grumpy T, he was lovingly called.


Toby had his way of doing things, he didn't like to eat food from a plate or a bowl so he quickly trained me to hand feed him and he got hand fed every day for the entire 7 years we had him.

He loved going over to my Mom and Dad's when we lived in Florida, we called their house "Chicken Grandma's" because my Mom would make freshly boiled chicken just for Toby's Sunday visits and as soon as we got out of the car, Toby would race to the door excited and smiling and waiting for his chicken.


There are so many more wonderful memories and so much that Toby has taught us and brought to our lives. The world is a lonelier place without Little T in it, but I feel blessed we got to spend 7 years with him, each and every day was precious.

We miss you already little guy!

Thank you to everyone who follows me on
Twitter or Facebook, your sweet messages have been so appreciated you have been there for me through this process and I thank you for that!

Thank you so much everyone of you for your wonderful and moving comments, knowing that we are not alone with this heartbreak comforts both Paul and I. We read your beautiful comments together and remember Toby. Thank you!!


canvas buttons, cards, wall hangings and more!
Lots of exciting linky shout outs and a big THANK YOU to everyone who used the Claudine Hellmuth Studio products on their blogs in the last few weeks! I found some great projects that you don't want to miss!
Also thanks to Craft Critique for the review of my new book, The Scrapbooker's Creativity Kit!

  • Rachel Katzenellenbogen is teaching an art journaling class in NYC using my product line. More info here!
And just a reminder! If you make a project and post it to your blog using any of my Studio Line products, let me know and I'll list it when I do linky blog post! Also for the instructors out there: send me an email if you are teaching a class using my product line and I'll mention it too!


easy faux peeled paint technique
I thought I'd share with you a new technique that I discovered! I'll show you how to create a faux peeled paint look using Ranger's Perfect Medium and Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints.

Before I started I've painted a Maya Road chipboard house with Claudine Hellmuth Studio Modern Red before starting. You could do this on any non-porous surface, painted papers, painted cigarbox, chipboard, painted canvas etc. In order for the technique to work you'll need to paint your surface first either with color acrylic paint or Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi-Medium.

Using the corner of the Perfect Medium Pad, wipe over the house shape in a few places to create a streaky look.

It should look like this. With a few streaks of Perfect Medium around the house shape. Make sure not to put it everywhere.

Paint over the entire house shape Here I used Claudine Hellmuth Studio in Painterly Pink You will notice that the paint resists and makes a peeled paint look.

It's an easy and quick way to create an aged effect! Hope you enjoy experimenting with this technique!

If you make a project and post it to your blog using any of my Studio Line products, let me know and I'll list it when I do linky blog post! Also for the instructors out there: send me an email if you are teaching a class using my product line and I'll mention it too!

I have a linky blog post planned for later this week with links to some fabulous projects so stay tuned!

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new from the studio
I thought I would share with you something new from my studio! Here's a custom artwork order that I finished up and shipped out.


Working on this piece makes me want to go to the beach! Is summer here yet?


when it rains it pours!
Yesterday was a crazy day. Our two year old kitty Stanley (who was diagnosed with juvenile onset heart disease in Dec.) started coughing late during the night. The first cough I passed off as a hairball but when he started doing it every hour or even at one point every 30 minutes I knew this wasn't normal. First thing in the morning I called Stan's cardiologist and they told me to take him directly to the emergency center that is beneath the cardiology unit.


When I got there and the Emergency vet examined Stanley both of us were thinking the worst that his heart disease had progressed to congestive heart failure. Stan was placed on oxygen and then I went home to anxiously await the results of his echocardiogram.

Long story short! There is good news. It turns out his heart condition hasn't worsened it has even stabilized in some areas - wonderful news!! The coughing and lung fluid was diagnosed as feline asthma. Which is still something that we have to contend with but much easier to manage and live with than congestive heart failure. Whew!!

Stanley was sent home last night and along with him came his new treatments. He will get inhaled meds just like what people take for asthma. He's on Flovent and also Albuterol. We use this little Kitty face mask called AeroKat to deliver the medicine. I was so nervous last night the first time I tried it but Stan was patient with me and it wasn't so bad. I think in a week I'll be a pro!

I am looking for an in home air purifier, to keep out pollen etc to help his asthma. Right now at the top of my list is the Oreck. Any other suggestions?

The whole time I have been dealing with all this Toby's terminal cancer and Stan's heart condition and now asthma I keep thinking of my friend Bernie at A Place to Bark. How she does this and more for all the animals she saves is amazing. Not only has this been completely emotionally draining but also very expensive too. Bernie does this every day ten times over with every single animal she rescues! She is truly an incredible person! She also needs our help. She is having a fundraiser drive to finish her shelter. Here is the link!


back home again!
I taught at Ranger U this weekend. Ranger U is held at the Ranger Industries factory and offices and is an intensive workshop covering into all the Ranger product lines. Twenty four lucky students got to attend, learn techniques and go home with a suitcase full of product to play with!

I taught my segment on Saturday and introduced everyone to the Claudine Hellmuth Studio product line. I had new techniques to share with this great group and it was a super fun time!

Here's a photo of Tim Holtz, Suze Weinberg and I at the Saturday night designer forum. Here we are joking around.

And a class photo. I am standing on a stool, I am not that tall. I wish!

Don't forget to check out Suze's blog. She blogged everyday of Ranger U and shares some great techniques with you there!

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on the road again
Tomorrow I'll be heading up to the Ranger offices for a weekend of art and techniques at Ranger University! I'll be driving this trip instead of flying (Ranger offices are only 4.5 hours drive from DC!) and I am ecstatic about not having to go to the airport.

Paul will be here this weekend with Toby, he even arranged his work schedule so he would have Friday off to doggie sit while I am away. Right now Toby is is good form (knock on wood) a few days ago things were really dicey. He was so unresponsive and lethargic + not eating we thought we didn't have much time left with him. But then he perked up today! He's eating again and enjoying short walks, napping and he even played for about 10 seconds today. Amazing to see him play even for a few seconds, he hasn't wanted to play in weeks.

It really is day-by-day with a doggie with terminal cancer. I am starting to learn that just because he has one bad day the next one doesn't necessarily have to be worse, if we are lucky it's a better day!

This is a short trip with little spare time, so I am not even taking my lap top. I'll be checking in via phone on
Twitter and Facebook. Have a great weekend!


i'm on scrapblog
I have an exciting announcement! I have teamed up with Scrapblog to bring you my Poppet® Scrapbooking line! Now you can work with the images digitally and print your own mini albums right from the Scrapblog web site!

Take a look at my section on the Scrapblog website here!

About Scrapblog, Inc.

Launched in April 2007, Scrapblog is the leader in online scrapbooking and offers a free, web-based service for creating and sharing multimedia scrapbooks. Scrapblog's intuitive interface allows users to easily mix their photos, videos, audio, text and thousands of creative elements. Users can share their creations on Scrapblog's online community, through email, or post them on the Web's most popular photo sites and social networks. Users can also turn their creations into high-quality keepsakes, including books and greeting cards. Scrapblog is based in Miami, Florida and has received multiple awards for its ease of use. Most recently, Scrapblog received Adobe’s prestigious MAX Awards in two categories: Best Rich Internet Application and People’s Choice Awards. To explore and try Scrapblog, please visit For a quick video tutorial of Scrapblog, visit


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