dogs in heaven
our niece Jacquelin made this artwork for us in tribute to our dog Toby.


Her artwork takes place in heaven - she has Toby on the left and her dog Duchess who passed away last year on the right.

Duchess first asks Toby if he wants to play, then Toby says yes.

In the second bubble she has Duchess say "You are cured!" Then Toby says "I'm cured!" (Toby had terminal oral melanoma) .

Such a touching work of art from Jacquelin. I cried my eyes out when I got it in the mail last night. So sweet!! Thank you Jacquelin!!


You should have prefaced that with a warning " May cause uncontrollable sobbing". I wasn't prepared and now I have mascara everywhere. That was the sweetest letter ever. ms.cheryl
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It is amazing the wisdom that kids have! Now Toby is an angel :) Thank you so much for sharing your life and inspiring us to be creative! I can't wait to be able to attend to one of your workshops.
Sarah took the words right out of my mouth. Children are so wise.
Oh, how very sweet. My heart, my heart!!
*hugs* Sarah you said it perfectly.

*hugs to all*
Well.. that made me cry big tears. Your neice is so thoughtful. What a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing that with the rest of us.
so, so precious!
out of the mouths of babes
what a precious gift of love
i saw this and thought of you
((healing hugs))
made me cry too!! so sweet! big hugs.
That is exqusite. Jacquelin has an art career ahead of her.
What a sweet and touching picture. It must mean such a lot to you.
Awwwww... how sweet!
How adorable. We should all remember to comfort ourselves by looking at life through the innocent eyes of a child sometimes.
Out of the mouth of babes is right on here! Thank you for sharing this Claudine! It has re-a firmed for me that our loved lil' souls are happy and healthy again after they cross the rainbow bridge! I so needed this today! Thank you!
Hi Claudine, I am so sorry about Toby, I only meet him once, but I saw the bond between the two of you and when I heard of his loss from Lorraine yesterday my heart went out to you in this hard time. sending you a hug...

Blessings and giant hugs to you after losing Toby. :( The picture is absolutely priceless. You will certainly treasure this.

Have you seen the children's book Dog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant? It's a favorite and a real comfort when my Ellie lab/mutt passed. I loan it to my school kids when they tell me their sad stories of losing their dogs, and it always gives them hope and a lift.
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Claudine, I can relate to your pain. 3 weeks ago we had to put our dog to sleep. She was a 14 year old Shepard/Husky mix that we got from the pound. I was so upset that I couldn't even blog about it until a few days ago. Please check it out if you'd like. Thanks for sharing about Tobie! I think he is also playing with Pepper in heaven! Hugs, Stacey
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