when it rains it pours!
Yesterday was a crazy day. Our two year old kitty Stanley (who was diagnosed with juvenile onset heart disease in Dec.) started coughing late during the night. The first cough I passed off as a hairball but when he started doing it every hour or even at one point every 30 minutes I knew this wasn't normal. First thing in the morning I called Stan's cardiologist and they told me to take him directly to the emergency center that is beneath the cardiology unit.


When I got there and the Emergency vet examined Stanley both of us were thinking the worst that his heart disease had progressed to congestive heart failure. Stan was placed on oxygen and then I went home to anxiously await the results of his echocardiogram.

Long story short! There is good news. It turns out his heart condition hasn't worsened it has even stabilized in some areas - wonderful news!! The coughing and lung fluid was diagnosed as feline asthma. Which is still something that we have to contend with but much easier to manage and live with than congestive heart failure. Whew!!

Stanley was sent home last night and along with him came his new treatments. He will get inhaled meds just like what people take for asthma. He's on Flovent and also Albuterol. We use this little Kitty face mask called AeroKat to deliver the medicine. I was so nervous last night the first time I tried it but Stan was patient with me and it wasn't so bad. I think in a week I'll be a pro!

I am looking for an in home air purifier, to keep out pollen etc to help his asthma. Right now at the top of my list is the Oreck. Any other suggestions?

The whole time I have been dealing with all this Toby's terminal cancer and Stan's heart condition and now asthma I keep thinking of my friend Bernie at A Place to Bark. How she does this and more for all the animals she saves is amazing. Not only has this been completely emotionally draining but also very expensive too. Bernie does this every day ten times over with every single animal she rescues! She is truly an incredible person! She also needs our help. She is having a fundraiser drive to finish her shelter. Here is the link!


big hugs to you claudine. hug your babies. they are so precious. ciao!
We are all thinking of you. try to hang in there.
My 12 year old cat Denys has asthma. I end up getting him steriod shots 2 to 3 times a year. I didn't know they had kitty inhaled meds I'm going to ask my vet about this. A home purifier is a good idea, I have a small one made by Holmes it really gets a lot of dust out of the air. You sure have your hands full and are doing a great job taking care of your babies. xoxo to all
I know you must have been awfully worried about that precious Stanley! When i was reading the beginning of your post, i was thinking, wow, that sounds just like asthma. The oldest of my 6 cats developed asthma a few years ago. She gets a shot for it every few.
Thank you for loving your animals so much!! That makes me very happy :).
Purrs and woofs,
Carrie the SnipPet Girl
Best of luck Claudine. Stanley and Toby are both very lucky to have such a caring mom. We will keep them all including Mabel too, in our prayers. Stanley has such a sweet face. Just love those ginger tabbys. I am sure Stanley will be an extraordinary patient, my boy Marvin was, as they know the meds will make them feel better.

all the best,
Hugs Claudine. A place to Bark seems like an AMAZING place.
Wow I am so glad that everything is ok with your Stanley. We just lost our 5 1/2 yo boxer to heart failure, we are so sad but so thankful for the time we had with her. It is truly amazing everything your friend does at A Place To Bark, thank you for sharing her with us!
Hi, Claudine! How scary! But so glad Stanley is able to come home and that it wasn't as serious as you first thought! Wooo-hooo!

We had a similar scare with one of our cats this past weekend. Long story short, she has seasonal allergies just like us and needs to stay out of the pollen here.

Small world! :-)
take care of you and your furbabies sweetie! I know what you are going through. Trust. Stan and Toby have the best possible people parents any kitty and doggy could ask for. Love them lots, hug them as often as they will let you and know that you are doing everything humanly possible to ensure their health and well-being. It's hard I know... But it what being a furparent is isn't?

Hugs from Vancouver,
thanks everyone for the well wishes! Stan can't have injectable steroids or oral because of his heart condition. the inhaled just go to his lungs and don't effect his heart condition. I am hoping that in a couple months we can wean him off even that and see how he does. maybe it was just the pollen here, it is our first spring in DC and we have had the windows open 24/7

thank you for all the good thoughts, he's doing great today!
WOW - I'm sure you all are feeling like - when it rains it pours! BUT, it sounds like Stan has stablized, Toby is hanging in there, and dear Mabel is probably just hanging out! Thoughts and prayers are winging their way to you and your babies. Marlynn
Stanley sure is a handsome kitty. I'm so glad that you were able to get him the help he needed.
Yikes, that's a lot all at once! Big hugs.

I have a kitty with asthma. Well, had. We took her in during one of her fits so they could fit her for medication and they have us a long list of to-do's; keep the house dry, be extra vigilant about the mold (we live in a DAMP climate), things like that. My husband and I talked it over and we decided to tear out all the carpets. They were old and she's so low to the ground.

We tore them out, replaced them with a sustainable laminate and our kitty has been fine ever since! Not one more attack.

We also decided to give the interior a coat of mold resistant non-voc paint and found that once we did that, we didn't need to buy the dehumidifier. Obviously your pollen-rich area is a lot different than the damp Northwest but I thought I'd share.

Good luck! I hope Stanley's medication works for him!
rachel - yes I am wondering if the carpet has something to do with it. But we did live here for almost 8 months and no symptoms. But we rent this place and so we can't get rid of the carpet. Oh how I HATE carpet. our home in Florida has all laminate everywhere and I loved it. This apartment has carpet in the bedrooms which I have covered as much as possible with bamboo rugs.

I'll think I'll get the Orek air purifier and not open the windows when the pollen count is high. So far the meds seem to be working and I hoping this will be just a seasonal thing for him!
Hi Claudine,
I could hug you if you were here in Australia lol. So many people would not go to the trouble with their animals especially feline animals. I would and I'm so glad that there are others like you and me out there. I knew you would not be able to give him the steroid injections because of his heart failure condition as the steroids can cause heart problems, even in humans. Animals make the very best of friends don't they but I will agree it is very costly. I also have a ginger tabby and she is delightful we call her Saffron due to her colour.
Take care of your beauties.
Bohemian Gypsy
All my best to you & yours.
what a beautiful photo of your kitty. I hope he responds well to the treatment and starts feeling better quickly.
Poor pussy cat, hope his treatment works. I have a ginger girl and she like the sun as well.
Take care
My heart very nearly stopped when I read this. Your Stanley and the Marmelade Gypsy could have been separated at birth (interestingly, with lung-related stuff, though not so in-depth.) The photo, the good news, all terrific and I am so very happy for all of you.
hi claudine!
you might not get this post since it is an older entry but i got behind. i wrote you after stanley was diagnosed with HCM as my cat, belle also was diagnosed young with HCM. when i started reading your post i got goosebumps! the same thing happened with belle she too has HCM and asthma. HCM for almost 5 years and asthma for 3.5 years. stanley and belle are on the same medications too!
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