on the road!
I am heading off to the Sue Gilman Show tomorrow to teach tomorrow night and do a make-n-take on Saturday. It's just two nights but I am a little (well a lot) stressed out about leaving Toby but Paul will be here with him (he's taking a 1/2 day from work tomorrow to doggie sit with little T)and I'll be home Sunday by lunchtime.

Toby is hanging in there, some good days, some not-so-good. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I am talking endlessly about it. Right now my world revolves around Toby.

It's just a short trip! Sunday will be here soon!!


I am thinking about TOby and u. I have a siberian husky that is 13 years old. I love him sooo much it hurts. He has had his ups and downs. I know itwill be hard to leave but it is just a couple of days.
I lost my other 13 year old dog a week and a half ago and I took the day off work....I could have used a week or more. When I have to say my forever goodbye to the Husky......I might just loose my mind.
Needless to say a fan is thinking about you and Toby and feeling your pain! Give him a million and one kisses before u go!
Toby is in good hands..dont you worry. Youre gonna have a great weekend in Massachusetts and brighten everyones day with your gorgeous smile.
I hope you're able to enjoy your trip some. Tomorrow is Sunday, so I'm sure you are happily thinking about coming home to Toby.

I forgot to let you know...a week ago this article was in our Pittsburgh paper:

I hope you can click to see it. My hubby is the one who noticed it first and hollered for me to check it out! "Isn't that the artist who did that picture of us?" he asked. :) :) :)
hope you come home to finding a happy little Toby!
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