how to make your own glazes
I thought I'd share with you a quick tutorial on how to make your own glazes using Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi-Medium!

First let's answer the question, what is a glaze? A glaze in painting refers to a layer of paint, (usually thinned with a medium) so that it becomes transparent allowing the surface underneath to show through.

Many times I create a transparent layer of paint simply by adding more water to my acrylic paints, to make a wash. But if you are working on delicate paper using a lot of water might not be the best way to go. For example if you are working in altered book and you would like the text of the paper to show through, but soaking the page with a messy wash of paint, could damage the pages underneath ......

That's where glazes come in handy and it's so easy to make your own! Ready? here we go!

First, place a small dot of Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi Medium and another dot of acrylic paint onto your palette.

Mix together with your brush
and you've created a glaze! That's it! You can vary the amount of Multi Medium used to make your glaze more or less transparent.

Brush onto your paper and you can see what a nice transparent glaze of color you have created!
That was easy!

Here you can see by the stripe at the bottom the difference between paint applied at full strength vs. the glaze of paint.

You can use glazes to alter the look of scrapbook paper, photocopies, maps, just abut anything that you would like to add a little tint of color to! Happy glazing!

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And why did I never think of that :) Will try it later tonight when the kids are fed, the dishes are done and I can "hide" in my studio. Thanks for the tutorial. I want to make some FUN tutorials on my blog as well. Hope Toby is well. Oh almost forgot... I LOVE YOUR PAINT.
Super cool! Thanks, Claudine! :) Thinking of you and Toby. :)
Wonderful tip...and I DOOOO love your Gel Mediums AND I have convinced my local store to carry your complete line. I'm in's only 3 minutes away and I can be in paint up to my elbows anytime I run out!

wonderful Claudine!!!
Believe it or not, I figured this out when working with your fabulous paints and Multi Media this weekend. LOVE IT!
Peace & Love,
So cool!Now i need that multi medium :)
Hello Claudine,

This is an awesome idea!
I should try some of this.

~ Gabriela ~
thanks for the tip - I'm a fan of just watering down my acrylics, but I might have to try this when I work with some of my thinner vintage papers. if you've got time, i'd love it if you'd stop in and sign up for the giveaway i'm having right now! winner will be announced tomorrow night! have a great monday!

Paper Prayers
How generous you are in educating others, thanks for the tip.
I've just bought your whole range after being at a course with Dy at Art from the Heart. It was absolutely fabulous, and your products are amazing.

Sorry, just wanted to 'gush' at how impressed I am.

Thanks xxxxxxxx
Wonderful tip-thank you.
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