pet updates!
Exciting news! Tomorrow I take Toby in for his last cancer treatment!


Yay! I am thrilled! This has been a round of 4 cancer vaccines then after this they will give him a booster vaccine every 6 months with rechecks to make sure the cancer hasn't come back every 2-3 months.

I will be so glad once he has his treatment tomorrow he will be at maximum resistance to the melanoma and even though the vet doesn't like to be too optimistic - I am hoping for a full remission and many many more years with our Little T!


And now for the Stanley update! Thank you for all your sweet emails and Tweets and Facebook messages about Stan so we can't leave him out! Stanley has been taking his beta blockers twice a day since December and he goes back to the cardiologist in March/April for anther echo cardiogram. When he gets this echo we will be able to tell if the beta blockers are slowing down or stopping the heart disease. That will be a nerve wracking appointment! I asked the vet if we could bring him earlier to check but she said that we have to wait 4 months because otherwise we won't be able to tell. So we are still waiting and hoping!


And Mabel -- is our "healthy" pet except she is hugely fat. But knock on wood, she is our healthy girl and our hearts and bank accounts are so thankful for that!


Hugs for you and Toby...what sweet furkids you have :-)
hi claudine!
that is such wonderful news. i have been thinking of you and toby!
he is so lucky to have you!
melissa and emmitt
YAY for Toby and here's wishing that he and Stanley both get much better and live long happy lives. Now, Mabel has to cut back on the 9-lives. lol
Peace, Love & Art,
YAY for final treatments! Toby WILL be around for many years to come. He's so lucky to have such an awesome mom! I'm sending lots of positive vibes your way for Stanley, and Mabel looks like she's my kinda girl. Thanks for the update on everybody. I love your artsy posts, but it's nice to be invited into the personal part of your world, too. All my best!
All the best to Stanley and Toby - I wish you a lot more joyful years with both :-) Greetings from Germany, sandra
I discoverde your blog and your work a few weeks ago I I'm a fan but I' didn't know how you love your pets, how you care for them... i'ts just wonderful... I love my pets too and I understand what you're doing for them ans how mach love they give us ! I appreciate more your work because I now know what kind of person you are ! A big hug to your pets and hopre they will feel better ! Thank you for your ART and your HEART !!!!!
and sorry for the typing mistakes but i'm a bit moved.....
They are all so cute! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you (and them)!
Best of luck at all your vet appointments. They are all so sweet and adorable. Miss Beula sends her best wishes too.
Your pets are so lucky to be in such a loving family! And that single white toe on Mabel's front right paw is just adorable.
This is such good news! I know how hard cancer can be. Our family lost 2 dogs to cancer these past 6 mths. I'm so glad he is doing better!!
You really have some very lucky pets...and they are all adorable. I love your art but am beginning to see that you are an amazing person as well, that is a good mix. Keep my fingers crossed for healthy pets. Oh, I have a FAT cat as well and love him to pieces. :)
it must be so traumatic for you all with the pets sufferint like the are..are you sure Mabel is not expecting or is she just big? Sending loads of positive vibes to all of you from the "pool of life"
OH, Claudine, just read your twitter. I AM SO SORRY the Toby's cancer is growing. Have faith, really, have faith. I have just said a quick prayer for your babies and I know it will be heard. Marlynn
What lovely pets you have! It is so very upsetting when they are unwell. I hope that Toby lives out the rest of his wee life pain free and that the Beta blockers are doing the job they are supposed to. xoxoxox
We went through this with my dog several years ago. It IS devastating, so I'm sad for you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hang in there :)
I was just checking in for an update, and there it was! My two cats, Emma and Angus, are sending good vibes Toby and Stanley's way to get better real soon! (And they say "hey" to Mabel, too!) Angus is my "beefy boy" at 22+ pounds, so he understands Mabel's plight to try and keep her girlish figure
Hi Claudine!
Your fur-babies are ADORABLE!!!! I'm so sad to hear about your beloved Toby . . . I believe you are wise to consider the quality of life he has left and to take one day at a time . . . I sending thoughts of comfort your and Toby's way . . .
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