sticky back canvas embellished t-shirt
Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook know that a few weeks ago I was struggling with using a sewing machine for the first time - it took me a whole day just to thread the bobbin! Over the next couple days I'll share with you my experiments!


This first one is a Sticky Back Canvas T shirt project! I bought a T-shirt from Target - my favorite place to shop! And embellished using my Claudine Hellmuth Studio Acrylic paints Sticky Back canvas. You can sew it, and it holds up in the washer. Just turn it inside out and put it in a mesh bag to protect it in the machine, then lay flat to dry! you can iron lightly once dry to smooth out anything that need to be flattened again. I washed this shirt with my regular laundry, jeans etc and it was fine!


Here's a detail of the sewing! Remember this was my first time sewing, so it's not perfect, but I wanted you to see that you can easily sew the Sticky Back Canvas, and it doesn't even gum up the needle.

Sticky Back Canvas embellishments must be sewn on to last through the washer. Oh! And the Sticky Back canvas was painted using Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints and the paints also held up well wish washing.

I made this one before I discovered that I could even go backwards on the sewing machine, I can't wait to make more now that I am learning more about sewing! If you make any Sticky Back embellished T's let me know and I'll link to them. Maybe we need to do a Sticky Back Canvas fashion show!!


so happy to know it's not just me who has a hard time with the sewing machine, bobbin and all that. I chalk it up to a bad sewing class I took as a kid in the 80's-making Cabbage Patch kid clothes. Badddd idea on my Mom's part. I've been scared of the machines ever since ;)
Completely adorable!!!
FAB FAB FAB! I love it! :)
Oh I am so going to sew something with sticky back canvas now! I really do love it, what a brilliant idea Ms. Claudine.

Haha you sound like me. I couldn't deal with that small little craft sewing machine for paper. Go and buy a more expensive one thinking I could get it to go. Nope. Buy an even more expensive one and still am challenged with threading the machine.
I LOVE your shirt!!!! It's so cute! What a great idea!!!
I had wondered about whether the sticky-back would hold up through the wash...I'm so glad to hear that it will! I can't wait for my LARGE order of your supplies to arrive (tomorrow maybe *crosses fingers*) so I can break out the sewing machine and get to altering some t-shirts. Woot!
Peace & Love,
Claudine - I'm ordering one or if you feel generous two for Mother's Day.

oh this just totally rocks.
Judging from your work, I'd say you were sewing for years! It looks wonderful - I'd wear it! :)
GREAT shirt . . . and I can totally picture your cute darling self in it! VERY IMPRESSIVE sewing especially for one of your first projects.
xoxx, Renée
So glad to know I'm not the only one that is unseasoned when it comes to the sewing machine (heh-heh). Seriously, my sister is an awesome costumer, I think she took all of my talent (I can almost sew a straight line, LOL)!
I feel like sewing machines are a whole new frontier! This looks great for a first time job! Love the shirt! can't wait to see what else you come up with!
Great idea, I love the design. Glad to see Toby is doing well, hope Stanley is too. Mary
This is one of my favorites of the new things you've created! You would totally have to pay $58 at Anthropologie for this tee! Great stuff.
So now I have to give in and buy the sticky back canvas.... I have been holding off forever thinking I don't need it :) Well, now I DO. Love the shirt and can't wait to give it a go.
I love this shirt...I would totally wear it!
Just charming! I am so happy you are making this product!!!
great that you have had a go with the sewing machine..I wouldnt be without mine!! The best advice I was ever given is to always cut your thread on an angle then it is easier to thread..also hold a white piece of paper behind the needle so you can see the hole better..happy sewing!
I love the idea of using a sticky backed canvas as an applique! Then you can easily position the pieces where you want them without having to use a fusible web and the pieces won't shift while sewing. Plus the canvas is already prepped for painting so you can really get that artistic look without a lot of hassle!

This kind of T-shirt would look great with some handmade polymer clay buttons as accents. Would personalize the look even further!
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