Creativity Kick Start online class + a giveaway!
I am excited to announce that I have a new online class with It starts Wed Feb 18th - 20th. That is next week!!!

A little info about online classes with -- It's a 3 day class, but don't worry - you do not have have to be "present" each day to take the class. You can sign up and visit the classroom each night when you are done with work. Or visit the classroom on Friday the 20th and download all the class information.

There will be an online chat with me on the evening of Thursday the 19th, so that I can answer questions about the techniques and projects that we are making in the class! I will also be checking in to help answer questions through out the day.

Interested in hearing more? Here is the class description:


Learn to dig deeper into your scrapbooking and journaling, or just discover new ideas for projects! In this 3 day online class, Claudine will you how she uses her new book, The Scrapbooker's Creativity Kit as an idea starter for her artworks and projects. Claudine will create a new artwork for each day of the class and will show you step outs of each project so that you can follow along at home. She will talk in depth about her thought process for and how she used the Scrapbooker's Creativity Kit to arrive at each new idea. In addition to a new project each day, you will learn new a new technique, with a one hour online chat with Claudine on Thursday Feb 19th. Claudine will be available to answer your questions through out the class and a complete PDF will be ready to download at the end of class so you can play along at your leisure.

All this for only $15!!!

Ready to sign up!
Just click here to register now. Or get the class + my new book The Scrapbooker's Creativity Kit as one package by clicking here!

BUT wait! There's more! is donating this class to one lucky winner! All you have to do is post a comment below to be entered! I will do the drawing on Thursday Feb 12th at 8pmEST.

Using the random number generator at it selected #23 which is ZQuilts!! ZQuilts send me your email address and I will send it to the Scrap and Style TV staff and they will get you set up to take the class!

Thank you so much to all who played along for the Free Class! I will show some sneak peeks of the class in my next blog post tonight and also answer some of your questions!! thank you for playing!!

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Oh, I want to win this class! :) It sounds like so much fun!
Hi Claudine,
Would love to do this class :)
Best wishes,
You have such creative ideas! I would love to take your class!
How exciting! I would love to win a spot! :)

Love give aways!!

A class with you, awesome!
Wow, how fun. I haven't taken any online classes, but I'm sure your's will be fab!
Oh Claudine, I'd love to win this class! I was too late signing up for the class at A Happy Stamper and now it's full so I missed out... so I'd love to win this class! :)
I would LOVE this!! Pick me!
I'd love to take it. I took a class with you years ago. You have no idea how much you inspired me. I was a teacher at the time and taught my high school art students some of your techniques. The results were amazing! I think I have some examples somewhere. When I find them, I'll send them along if you are interested. Thank you!
i would LOVE to win this, thanks for being so generous!
I would love to win this class! The book looks great as well, what great ideas all around!
Ooo, ooo, pick me, pick me!
i discoverd your blog a few weeks ago and i realy love your work. I realy would like to win a free class to get to know your work a little better.

i'm sorry for my bad english, i'm from the netherlands...

Love Anneke
I have done a bit of collage work on my own, and have been looking for resources to help me amp up my efforts. This sounds fantastic!
What a great giveaway! I have admired your style for a long time, and tried to replicate it once....ONCE, to incredible disaster. Since I don't get out much, I would love this opportunity.
I loved your last class at SiS and would love to take this one! Can't wait to get my hands on your new book!
Claudine, this giveaway is awesome! Do we have to have all your product for the class?
I saw your new paints and canvas at the Chicago CHA....they are so awesome!
yes please count me in Claudine :-)
Ohh! Pick Me! Pick Me!

The class looks great, and we could all use a good Creative Kick Start sometimes!
please enter my name in the drawing for the online class!

Me! Me! Me! (Doing cartwheels and carrying a megaphone...)
Oh! I wish I could afford to just take the class ! I know it will be fantastic!
ooooh, how exciting!
I'd love to take another class from ya! :)
This would be so cool to win!
What great fun, we can all use inspiration! I would love to win!
~Linda Cain
Wow this is wonderful. Thanks so much for the great opportunity to enhance our creative skills with you.

Jan Rogers
This sounds great Claudine, I would love to take this great!
I'd love to win a spot in this class. Can't wait to be inspired!
sounds fun
I'd love a chance....thanks!!!!
Wouldn't finding out that I won a free class be a delightful surprise to brighten up the day? I'm really hoping that if the Mabel is choosing via walking across the list of names in honey dipped boots, then, the boots stick to my entry. If not me, then the person from the Netherlands, just because that would be a neat thing too. :-)

Pats D MWL
Yay for giveaways! I'd love to win!
I would love to win this class.
That sounds like a great class!
Wow, I would love to win this class, how fun! Looks like a good one!
The class sounds like fun. It will be great to get osme new ideas.
Oh wow, how fabulous! I just got the Creativity Kit in the mail from Amazon, can't wait to crack it open. Thanks for the chance at your class!
Hi Claudine ~

Been on a winning streak lately, so I'm hoping it keeps going! ;-)
ooh! i would love to take this class with you! I totally enjoyed your poppet class at Inspired last year and would love to see what you have up your sleeve. I have your book on my Amazon wish list, but winning the class would give me an excuse to buy it right away! :)
How exciting this will be a new one for me!

Sounds like a fun class-I've heard great things about your new kit! What a great opportunity.
I NEED this creative kick in the butt! Please pick me... (yup, I'm begging). I would love the chance to take your class and learn from you.

Oh I'd love to get in on this and then review the course on my blog! Hope my number is drawn...
Wow, what a cool class! Thanks for the chance to win a spot!
Me!, me!, me! Pick me!
I would love to get this kit, I hope I can get it.
Thanks for the oportunity.

Wow, seems I am one amongst MANY who would love to take this class. Wonder who the lucky one will be??
This must be a fabulous class. Thanks for the chance to win :)
i could definitely use a kickstart to my creativity!!
Wonderful, I would love to do this class, thanks for a chance to win..
yes, pick me, pick me!!!
Woo hoo! sounds awesome!
great idea to do a creativity class! Would love to take it
(jumping up and down) pick me, pick me! :)
sounds like a great class
How cool? VERY! Please count me in!

=) Thanks for the opportunity Claudine and SisTV!
I would love to win this class. Do you have to have the book to take it? Is there an option to get the book via the class?

How fabulous to offer this class and the option to win.

all the best,
Thanks for the opportunity! I hope the class goes well for you -- and I hope me!
I love their classes. This would be awesome
thanks for the chance to win, it sounds like fun! :)

Tiffany / sherunsaway22 at yahoo dot com
Oh how fun!!
OH MY GOODNESS... To win this class would be absolutely awesome!!i bought a few of your new paints but haven't tried them yet. I think it would be best to try them with this new class.I've got my fingers crossed, ms.cheryl
Hi Claudine, Is this competition and class open to overseas crafters as well? I would love to participate.
I have been curious about the book so that would be fun! please include me in your drawing
How exciting!!!! Would love to win as I am always looking for new inspiration!
I love your work and would love to win your class...thanks for the chance!!
I want to do your class!!!
Oh, I would love to take this class! I'll have to go buy the book. Love your stuff Claudine.
Hi Claudine, that is really interesting to have an online class!!! Have not tried an online class before and would love love love to with you, one of my inspiration artists.
Wow -- pick me! Pick me!
I would love to win this class! I just got your book a couple of weeks ago ... and I can't move past all the work of the contributors and you! I would love to be able to follow you on a project ... THAT would be so wonderful!
Love your art work! I would love a chance to win this!

me too, me too - would love to win the class!

love your work & i love the new book!! thanks for a chance to win a spot in the class!!!
Thanks for the opp to win!!

Lisa -
waow this is fun
I'd be delighted to win!
pick me pick me... cos i want to try some of your products.... saw them at my LSS... but not sure how to use
Hello OOH A class how fun please add me to the giveaway.
Oh my, I would love to win this awesome opportunity! Count me in, please.
Peace & Love,
♥ Barb ♥
Your collage art is the best!! I would love to win your online class.
oh would love to win a chance to be in one of your classes!!
You rock Claudine! Anxious to see you at work with your new book! It looks inspiring.
Sounds like a great class and would love to win!! You just blow me away!
Love to take your class. Now for a little humour-did you know your Multi-medium jar bares a distinct resemblance to my Oil of Olay face cream-especially when I don't have my glasses on. I wasn't feeling too good for a couple days and I was playing while I rested in bed. I will say no more!
I would love to win the online class, thanks for offering it to us. Love your paints and sticky back canvas. Peggy
Your works are brilliant! On par with the best collage artist ever like Cathy Horner and Romare Bearden, to be afforded the opportunity to take a class by you would be amazing. Thank you for a chance.

Best, Ka
Oh online class, please be my Valentine!! Great giveaway. Thanks.
I would love to take this class. What a great price.
Love the idea of online classes. I may never get to you in person. :) Thanks for the giveaway.
I want to win!!!! YAH!!!!
Thanks for the great offer. It looks like fun!
A little peek into your creative mind. Sign me up!!!
I already have your book, so I would LOVE to take the class!
Would really love to take this class
this class looks awesome !!!
ME! ME! ME! PICK ME! I SO want to take this class!

And now a completely selfish prayer to the Great Random Number Generator:

Oh Dear Great RNG,
I humbly ask that you pick me
The class! The art! The great Claudine!
Grant me favor if you please!

Paula Clare
I'd love to take this class I just recieved the book in the mail a few days ago. Having the class to go along with the book would be fabulous
Oh, that's a great giveaway! I'd love to take your class...!!!
I'd love to take this class. It looks great
Soúnds like a fun class.. I hope I have the luck to win a spot!!
Please enter my name for theonline class giveaway, and Thanks!
Happy days,
What a fun sounding class! I know we all want to win. I know I want your new book!

Love this book! and would to attend the class to put it into practice.

Karin S.
Tampa, FL
I just received The Scrapbooker's Creativity Kit last week here in Australia, its a wonderful kit and very inspirational too. I would love to win the opportunity of doing an online class with you, Claudine :) you live sooo far away for me to attend one of your face to face classes, so winning would be a great bonus!!

xx Miriam
well i say what they say this would rock if i could win a treat,
Lisa HAll
I'd love to win the free class, but will be signing up even if I don't. My daughter is having surgery on the 20th and we both could use a creative juice boost that I know the class will offer during her recuperation period.
I am a shameless "Claudine junkie"...I have your two collage books and have been dabbling with your techniques nearly every day. Sadly, I am having only about 50% luck with the rinse aid release technique. How watery do I want my acrylics? It does seem to work when they are more water than paint and really runny. Does this sound right?
OOOOoooohhhhhHHHH! I would SO love to do this class!
I would love to win the class. I've enjoyed taking your classes in the past at Artwerx.
This comment has been removed by the author.
My dear mother and I are signed up for your "overflow" class at Queens Ink in Maryland in April for my birthday present. I so can't wait! I'd love to win this class as well!

Dani Larcom
Wow a chance to win a class! Please count me in!!! Thanks
Wow! Thanks for such a generous giveaway.
Wow....what a wonderful opportunity!! I certainly don't want to miss a chance at this one. I'm sure the class will be amazing.
Thanks for the contest!!
Oh I hope I get picked!!!!!

how nice would it be to just HAVE to take the time out of my busy schedule to sit down and enjoy a class for once since I cannot remember when.
I love the idea of the book. It would be great to take this class!
This class would be so cool to take! Especially after hearing people talk about how great the CHA class's you taught were. Fingers crossed!
I would soo love to win this class!!
Hi Collage artist, I am making the village houses as we speak!

I just bought the book so this would be a great prize! love your paints btw. ciao!
I would LOVE to take this class with you Claudine!!
I'd love to join the class!
Hi Claudine,

Just wanted to say what an inspiration you've been to me - you really helped 'jump start my art"! :)
Mel Kolstad
ooohhh I'd love the chance to take your class!
This sounds like a fantastic opportunity to grow as a scrapbooker and an artist. I hope to be able to join in the fun!

You so totally ROCK, Claudine!

Kris McConnell
thanks so much for mentioning this on twitter and FB. This would be wonderful. I love your art Claudine.
oh that sounds like a ball! I'll be checking it out.

Oh YES a class with you would be a thrill to ME!!!!
Pick me! Pick Me!!
Sherry Coggins
I would love to win this class! I think it would be fun!!
Oh I would LOVE to win this class! Your work is fabulous.
Ooh, how fabulous. I must come and play as my inspiration has gone astray.
sounds luck fun. would love to win
I hope I win. . . been having a bad month and would love something new and exciting to kickstart my creativity.
Wow I would love to win this. A class with you would be awesome and very inspiring!
So glad I saw this on Twitter--it looks like a great class!
awesome ... would love to do this class :)... xoxo
Cool - thanks for the opportunity. Look like a great class!!
I recently quit my "real job" to follow my passion-ART! I am now officially a starving artist. I would love to have the opportunity to take your class!
hope I win!
Donna LaValley
Please enter me in the drawing. It sounds like a great class.
OOOOH Pick me pick me :D I would love to Win. uhh do this class! Fingers crossed!
Hugs Martine
Looks amazing! Thanks for the giveaway!
I'm gonna sign up!!!! But, first I would love a go at winning this freebie ;) I never win these things, but hey, it's worth a try! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog BTW :)
wow, I'd love to win your class! thanks for the chance to win :)
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