changing the look of diabetes one bag at a time
Those of you who read my blog often know that my niece Maiya has type-1 diabetes and was diagnosed at age 4.

Here's a pic of Paul, Maiya, Toby and I at the 2007 JDRF Walk for a Cure.

Maiya is 8 now and has learned to live with all that comes with this disease. And along with the disease, also comes a lot of stuff that you have to carry everywhere you go just to keep yourself alive. Even just going on a bike ride can mean bringing 2 bags of stuff!

My sister in-law Maria invented her own super CUTE line of bags after seeing all the ugly medical bags that were the only bags available to diabetics. She wanted Maiya to have a bag that she was proud of to take with her to school and out every day, one that people would exclaim "where did you get that cute bag!" and Maiya would feel like the special girl that she is!

Well Maria has done it! Her dream is now a reality and she launched Skidaddle Bags Inc this summer. I am so proud of her! Here's an example of just one of her cute and stylish bags:

As a growing business Maria has entered Skidaddle Bags in a StartUp Nation Contest. She still needs more votes to be officially in the running, so if you have a moment, please check out her web site and then vote here using this widget for Maria!

You are allowed to vote once a day under the contest rules!!
Claudine, you bet I voted! What a great idea! I'll ask your sister-in-law for pdf flyers. Would be happy to post it at my former nursing school, my community hospitals, and elementary schools! ALL the best. Hugs! XOXO Gina
Maria and Maiya got my vote. I noticed that a person is allowed to vote once a day for thew same business. It looks like I will be visiting the voting badge every day until the contest ends. Remind everyone that reads your blog that they can vote once a day! It is like Chicago - vote early and often. Best of luck with the contest.

Jeff Berlin
she definately got my vote! my 14 yr daughter was just diagnosed almost 5 months ago. i know she would love to have one of those darling bags! thanks for the heads up!
Great!! Thanks for the heads up. This is so cool and you can bet I ran over and voted for her! GOOD LUCK MARIA!!
What a beautiful family! Voted of course, really cute design. Good luck!
Claudine, I am a diabetic, also, so this is one of those things that REALLY touches close to home for me. I know what a pain it is to try and lug all your "crud" everywhere you go cause you can't be without any of it at any time. What a fabulous design your SIL has in these great bags. I love them and will promote her on my blog, too!
Peace & Love,
I voted and will forward the information on !! I will also vote once a day. Marlynn
Great idea, and good luck in the voting! This looks like a very practical and stylish way to bundle vital needs for fashion-conscious youngsters who have diabetes. We write about related issues at

- Dr. Charles Martin
Founder, Dentistry For Diabetics
Totally voted for her bags -- how AWESOME! You have a blessed and amazing family. (I just love your blog -- you lift my day every time you post!)
I Voted! The bags are beautiful and I think the idea is great :)
Good Luck Maria!!!
What an inspirational story and a fabulous bag! Maybe they'd be great for crafters too.
Wow!!! The website is so impressive and what a beautiful product for such a worthwhile cause. I will pass this along to everyone I know as well and place my vote. Thanks for sharing this with us.
What a great idea! It's hard being sick as a child, so it's really good to create something that makes them feel supercool!
Maiya's mom has my vote! What a great concept!
my roommate bought a panda bag!
She is just THRILLED with it and can’t put it down.
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