weekend's over
This weekend I:

  • Cleaned the house, vacuumed and mopped all the floors
  • Unpacked the suitcases still in my studio from Art & Soul
  • Unpacked 60lbs of stuff I shipped home from Art & Soul
  • Watched Big Night from netflix (loved it!)
  • Went to the Dandelion Cafe for the first time (cute!)
  • Went to The Enzian and saw The TV Set (loved it)
  • Worked on custom artwork orders
  • Visited the Birds of Prey Center (baby owls!!)
  • Framed 7 pieces of art for a show at a NC gallery
  • Worked on my new book proposal (almost done!!)
  • Packed mail/packages that need to be sent out tomorrow
  • Did my VA state sales taxes from Art & Soul vendor night

whew! I didn't think I did much, but I guess I did. No wonder I am tired!

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ok, you are going to be my cleaning inspiration for today claudine!!! need to rearrange some furniture, hence the cleaning?! ha! it needs to be cleaned too!
love the photo of the new cards spread out - wow!!- thrilled for you!
all the best from here....
big night is so so so good! there was even a resturant here in nh called big night for ages. we were so sad when they closed...
Way to Go! Tired though you are, I'm sure it feels soooo good to have accomplished so much! Now if you could just package that productivity and sell it, I'd be first in line.
Ok, so I have two questions for you:
1~ how many days long are your weekends?
2~ do you ever sleep?

I did a few things and thought it was a full weekend. You are an inspiration to try to mix more fun in with my working hours!
Wow... you got more done in a weekend than I do in a month!
omg!! i love big night! excellent movie!!
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