tag! i'm it!
I was tagged by Suana to reveal 7 things about myself. Thanks Suana! Here goes!

1) I love TV and I am not ashamed to admit it. I get so excited when others love the same shows as me.

2) I got my ears pierced when I was 11 but I never wear earrings.

3) I am a future thinker, usually living in the future instead of now. I work very hard to be present but it often doesn't work.

4) I do yoga for exercise but it doesn't relax me. I don't think I have the breathing thing down right.

5) I am very task orientated but then I can procrastinate about weird things, like opening mail, or cashing checks.

6) I don't have a sweet tooth, I like all things salty.

7) I love Harry Potter. I can not wait for the last book to come out! I plan to clear my calendar and read for two days straight.

I tag: Charlotte, Jennifer , Martha, & Karen


Love your blog and really love the badge you did for Bernie. I am going to put it on my blog and try and get more people to see it and donate!
Sorry to hear of your Dad's cat.
Salty food (with me it's pretzels and ranch dressing) in front of the T.V....what could be better?
Very interesting list...and thanks for the tag.
I am so sorry about Friday. I know how sad you are, but how dearly loved he was. Nothing better than being an animal that Claudine and family loved. xoC
I am just like you on #5. WHY do I procrastinate opening mail and depositing cheques??? Why?
I always love to hear other adults admit they love Harry. You'll be in great company the weekend of July 21st.
Oh my gosh, that is so funny! I too am a check cashing procastinator. I have paid more fees in insufficient funds charges - because I held on to months worth of checks rather than getting them in the bank. I can accomplish two hundred things in one day, but the things I put off always nip me in the butt. Sigh!

Loved your list!

xo - Chel
I like Harry Potter too. But I don't like to admit it. :)
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