lucky dog
I entered Toby in the Lucky Dog photo contest. These are amazing doggie biscuits. All natural stuff, good yummy biscuits, Toby says so. You can enter your puppy too, don't need to have the biscuits to enter!

PS. I am actually getting work done today believe it or not -- between taking photos of Toby and my skirt. I have been writing my new book proposal. Yay!

PPS. Anyone out there watching Shear Genius??? I like it. Way better than Top Designer, not as good as Project Runway but I'll take it for now until PR comes back.

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hee hee, Toby looks like he's drunk on dog biscuits :-)
I posted one of my beeswax collages on my blog today... Thought you would like to see it...
That photo is SO funny! Oh, my goodness - it made me laugh so hard. HA Ha. That was a laugh I really needed today.
So funny. Thanks!
Oh Toby looks adorable! Hilarious photo. I so agree Shear Genius it is so much better than Top Designer. Still though I miss Project Runway. .
wow claudine, great site! Toby is super cute with his tounge hanging out. I hope his tear issue continues to clear up and your appointment with the natural healer helps you with your headaches.

gosh could toby be any more adorable....
Your puppy is so cute and I am holding out for P-Runway. Also, just wondering if you do ATCs any more and would you want to trade with me.
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