all done! now back to work!
I finished up my last class today at Art and Soul. It was a two day class called Beyond the Unexpected creating cigar box 3-d collages. The episode where I show a couple techniques from this class will air tomorrow again on Craft Lab on the DIY Network at noon EST tomorrow!! So check it out!

I won't officially be teaching again until October at Art and Soul in Portland! I *might* do a September class in Miami but I can drive to that so that doesn't count. I have lots on my list to get done this summer and I want to make sure I have to get it all done and *maybe* also find time to experiment and play too!!

A few things on my list for the rest of this week is:
  • find new homeowner's insurance for our house (AllState dropped all FL homes... grrr!)
  • start really super duper promoting my custom artworks, I want to get to a point where I have a steady flow of custom artwork orders. At least 3 orders a week is my goal!
  • Do an illustration promo and send packets off to possible companies for licensing
  • Make an appt with some kind of natural healer person who can help me with my migraines. I had one every day since last Wed. ugh!
  • Start on the two book proposoals I need to get done.
  • Make appt for Toby to go to the vet to have his eyes checked for proper tear production
Whew! that should be enough to keep me busy don't you think!I printed out my boarding pass and now I am allready to head home tomorrow. Hopefully no flight delays and I will get home on time!

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Aloha Claudine - you have been SO busy - it's been hard to keep up with you! Evenstill - I keep checking in to make sure you're alright. Good luck with the migraines and good for you not teaching until October! Hey - I think Donna might have suckered me in to teaching a class next spring - I will have to get in touch with you for some pointers. Hope you're well!!
i get tired just coming in and reading your blog--i don't know how you keep up! :)

would love to know what you do about the migraines--i inherited some great big ones from my mom and have the worse time with them!

hope you get through your to-do list with ease!
Claudine...I just saw you on Craft Lab and love the 3d collage you made with Jennifer Perkins. I knew I recognized your name but couldn't place it until I saw the blurb with the books and magazines you have been published in. I have the book Altered Art by Terry Taylor. I knew I'd seen your work before! lol Now I have to go back and find you in his book again. :) Anyway, sure wish you did some classes in the Philadelphia area. Your website is great.

Miami?? COOL!!! I sure hope you will come down this way. I would love to attend another class. Hope you will post the info once you decide. Hope you have a safe trip home!
Hi Claudine-
I used to suffer from migranes for years- (The really bad, lay on the cold dark bathroom floor and still puke up your toenails kind) I went thru all the change your diet stuff, all the pills, all the imitrex stuff and no relief, so I went to an American Doctor (MD) who was also an acupunturist (trained in China for that.) I am so happy to say, after 3 short (about 1 1/2 hour)treatments, I've not had a migrane for at least 2 years now. It sounds and looks gruesome, but it does not hurt at all. Make sure they have a big sterilization unit, and that they soak the needles in lidocane, and you don't feel a thing. As a matter of fact, the first time I went, I was in the middle of a migrane (could barely make it in the door before I puked from the car ride)and I swear within 20 minutes of the 1st needle going in, the migrane was completely gone. I wasn't a big believer before I went but sister I am NOW! Good luck
Hey, Claudine! Just wanted you to know I've been watching your new beeswax collage DVD and it's awesome! I took the class from you at Artfest a couple of years ago, but it's been a while...also, you use some new materials, too, such as the oil pastels, which I have plenty of! I also like the foil. I'm going to have to play with the wax REAL soon!

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