Saturday, May 12, 2007
pricier stamps
The US Postal office is raising the price of stamps Monday, stamps will now be $0.41.

Grrr! Again!

More and more I think I'll just switch to DHL for all my custom artwork shipping. I usually ship the smaller boxes Priority Mail but by the time in I factor in insurance and delivery confirmation DHL is cheaper and usually gets there faster, the only bad part is then you have to buy the boxes.


And why can't the postal service make the price convenient, like .40 or .45? These odd amounts of .41 are such a bother!!!
UPS gives us free boxes. They come in 2 sizes and they work great.
Simon Peter Alciere
Simon's Stamps
LOL There is rumor that it has to be an odd amount of $ so that the penny stays in circulation. ;-) Watch the DHL prices, you would be amazed at how many are actually DHL packages are taken straight to the post office and delivered by USPS instead of DHL--which has to mean they are getting paid enough to BOTH make a profit.
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