illustration friday: signs
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "signs"

(click image to enlarge)
This is an image I just finished up last night for a German company called Teneues. I thought it would fit the IF theme with a slight stretch (there is a sign in the window of the beauty shop). Also maybe with this quote: "Harriet, I am starting to see signs that your gardening is damaging your cuticles"


Looks great and funny :-)
Count me in!!!

The Tart
Claudine, you know I'm a huge fan. And your stretch is very acceptable. :-)
Lovely really..always beautiful art..with a bit of collage! so glamorous and posh!
How fun! What is it about those hairdryers at the salans that make me want to go to sleep?

You did a great job as always!
How do you even find the time to post anything? Fantastic piece :)
love the design, so much fun!
how fun is this! my mom did hair when i was little and we had one
of those hair dryers in our basement. we loved that clunky thing!
I love your style.
I remember my mother in the beauty shop.
I love the expression on the pampered woman's face. You certainly 'nailed' an era! :)
Such a cool style. Love it!
aahh the memories! i wonder what they will use this for? Love to know and wonderful work!!!
I don't think it is too much of a stretch. I like to see concepts that are not so literal. Always lovely work.
Very cute as always Claudine:)
I love the long legs and the 1950s feel to it.
Love these gals...and your cards look great!
Lovely piece, Claudine! Love the color combinations.
Hey Claudine! Thanks for your comment about my "signs" illo. I love yours too - I've always liked your stuff. Later...
Nice surprise to see your piece posted. Love it, as always. Great nostalgic mood. Sallyt
i love your hairdo ladies claudine!
not a stretch at all!
great looking work!!!
You have such a fun sense of humor in your work, and the color choices are wonderful, they give a great feeling to your pieces. I always look forward to seeing your work.
Wonderful and funny! Great colors. :)
from wht i know of women and their nails just bout any sign can be used to prompt u to get ur nails done. new nail color, chip nail, hang nail, faded nails,
What a fun, happy piece...great vintage heads--I approve of your "slight stretch"
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