stan's first shots
Stanley had his first vaccinations today. He was such a brave little boy -- didn't cry a bit when he got his shot. But he howled bloody murder when he got his nails trimmed. He got a good health report and is on his way to becoming a big boy. He's already two pounds! wow!

We are so relieved that Mabel is getting along with little Stanley. She is even washing him when he lets her. Right now he's so playful he won't sit still for very long and he keeps swatting at her tail, but she's been very patient. I have to try to get a photo of them together!

After taking him to the vet, I worked on commissions, then ran errands and collected supplies for my classes in Portland next week. I started packing my suitcases for the workshop a little bit, I am so glad I sent 60lbs of stuff ahead because there is no way I could bring everything with me. I am making of lists of what I can buy when I arrive in Portland so I don't have to try to haul it there. Sometimes it's just easier to buy it when you get there. I wonder if there is a Home Depot near the hotel. I will have to find out!


Hi Claudine, yes, there is a Home Depot only a few blocks from the Embassy Suites Hotel. It's the first light on the other side of I-205, left turn and you're almost there.
Hope your trip to Portland is good. OUr weather has been gorgeous the last few days so hope it holds out. It will be a great time at A&S even if it doesn't!
I was just going to write and tell you the same thing! Home Depot is not far away, and there's a Michael's over there too, but you probably already knew that.

See you soon!
have a great trip claudine! gotta love home depot...
oh look at Little Stanley! he's so cute!!!!

Have a great time in Portland!

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