We just got back from taking Toby to see Santa. I always love taking him. Everyone ohh's and ahh's over him telling us how cute he is. I'm such a proud mommy, you'd think I gave birth to him myself! Here's a photo of us with Santa.

The Birthday was great!! Paul got me the
doggie stroller for Toby that I wanted. I already took him for a ride in it and he seemed to like it. I don't know who got a bigger kick out of it -- me or the neighbors, who were laughing so hard they were crying. I promise to post photos, it's been rainy and nasty so maybe tomorrow.

I did manage to pick up some books to read, I bought
The Year of Magical Thinking, My Sister's Keeper and A Million Little Pieces. Now I can't wait to snuggle down and read!
omg! your family is TOO cute!! lovin' the doggie stroller- funny! glad you had a good birthday! ♥
Hi Claudine =)

Wow! that stroller looks like the "MINI-ME" version of the one we just purchased for my first Grandbaby Sadie.
I would love to see a pic of TOby in the stroller.

..weird it has been chilly and grey for the past three days in our Joshua Tree Desert and today I wanted to crawl in bed and read.

I would have if I had the book. THanks for the tip! I recently finished Oprahs Fav, and I am looking for somthing to sink my brain into.

N a m a s t e
Claudine, that is the funniest thing I think I have ever seen! I had no idea you could take your four legged "kid" to Santa! Hip hip hooray!

You think it's cold...this is the snowiest Colorado Christmas I can remember in 16 years! I just shoveled about a foot of snow off our driveway with the super shovel!

Come on out and ski...the snow is amazing..

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