fatty wants food

Our kitty Mabel (aka fatty) has been on a diet for the past few months. She went from being a 3lb. stray (when I found her over a year ago) to ballooning to 18lbs. She's been on a very strict wet food only diet of Wellness which is also helping to control her urinary crystals and keep her PH "just so".

We keep Maggie's food on a counter which is too high for Mabel to reach, but Maggie can get there just fine so that way she can enjoy free feeding anytime she wants.

Tonight we hear a terrible crash come from the kitchen. Paul and I run in thinking that something horrible has happened. When I turn on the light I see Mabel has managed to knock the bowl down from Maggie's counter (probably in an attempt to get up there) and she's eating Maggie's dry food as fast she can. Even I as vacuum up the dry food, Mabel (who is normally very afraid of the vacuum) is trying to gobble up as much food as she can.

Poor fatty -- being on a diet is so hard!


Claudine t is so good to hear that other people go through the same things we do with our pets. We have dogs, and our Selby has been on a diet for 2 years - for some reason it really hasn't worked...
Mabel is adorable!!! That sounds so much like things that happen here with my 4 kitties. They are all different shapes and sizes and its all too common to hear explosive crashes during the night followed by the scattering of small furry feet with that familiar tapping sound of claws against tile. And when I arrive upon the scene to find over turned bowls and puddles of water or scattered kibble, there is Bubbie,PJ,Cookie, and Evan looking ever so precious as they innocently wash their paws and go about their business without a care in the world. LOL Oh, I love my babies!!
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