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I loved last night's episode of Project Runway. What a cool idea to have them design outfits for Barbie. I am a Barbie nut, I had one of every kind when I was little -- complete with the dream house, car, and even Barbie Mc Donalds.

I was totally rooting for someone to win other than Santino, he's just a little bit too sure of himself and feels he is going to win every challenge. I was so glad when Nick won, he did the perfect Barbie outfit. Did you see the look on Santino's face? hee hee!

I wish we had a show like this for visual arts. How fun would it be to do an art challenge show. Speaking of which, is Craft Corner Deathmatch ever coming back?
I hated to see Raymundo leave when Andrae pulled off that outfit that looked like a pin cushion on the bottom!
Good show! ~Sharon
Craft Corner Death match had loads of potential; but, I think the host and that creepy super craft lady were WAY OVER THE TOP, and turned what could have been an exciting fun CRAFT show into an odd spectacle.
It appears the ultra talented SANTINO, may suffer from delusions of Grandiosity.
A craft competition fashioned in a similar forum as PRW, could be a success!
Due to my own lack of creativity I have settle for store bought birth announcements =(
Most likely some unique idea will come clear to me a few days after I mail them.
BTW... I adore the dress =)
N a m a s te,
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Yes, Santino is the arrogant one! I thought I was the only one annoyed by him. I loved my Barbies too. My little sister chewed the feet off hers though...Glo :0
mary beth

I loved the host of Craft Corner Deathmatch that Jason Jones was too funny. I do think maybe it was too over the top for mass consumption. I hope it wasn't canceled but since I see the host has moved to the Daily Show I have a bad feeling.

What I love about Project Runway is no matter how good you are, you can't be perfect at every single challenge. So should be interesting next week when Santio has to work in a group!
We get "Craft Corner Deathmatch" here in Canada......have only caught part of it once tho.
Hi Claudine,
See it just SHOWS TO GO YA how different people respond o characters-the host CCDM drove me nuts!!! =)

LOL on Santino, I was just thinking his Elementary School report cards probably read
I am going to be enroute to Oklahoma TUesday night so be sure to fill us in on next week =)
Have a Fun week !

N a m a s t e

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