where does the day go?

Another day eaten up by errands.

We had to take Paul's car back to the shop, then went to the grocery store etc. I hate going grocery shopping. Actually I hate shopping of any kind. I like having the new items just don't like going and getting them and all the decision making that's involved. I am so thankful for the internet, I can shop at home!

So the day flew by with not a whole lot accomplished and I tried not to feel guilty about it, but managed to feel guilty anyway and now have a migraine. I did get to have a great session with my business coach and it was wonderful as usual. She always has a way of helping me look at things with a new perspective.

Here's a detail of a commission that I just finished up. OK, I'm off to get some work done before Project Runway! I can't wait!
claudine- have you finished all your commissions yet? I have 4 more to do before the deadline. I having been thinking of you as I as working on mine.

yes! I just put the finishing touches on the last one for the holidays, now to pack them up and ship out. good luck with yours :)
im with you on the shoppping issue- most especially this time of year !

How Awesome was project Runway?

Dam, I wish I could find a sewing teacher =)

N a m a s t e
Relax now and get ready for your birthday. Daddy and I have some nice gifts for you...just want to find a gap in your crowded schedule to get together. I'm working Saturday. Love you
I really love this poppet - the arrangement - the colors! Very - very cool!!
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