great TV tonight
Project Runway starts it's second season at 10pm on Bravo.

Last season it was such a great show. The closest thing to a visual arts reality show as I think we'll get. It was so much fun to watch the creative processes (and egos) of the contestants.

I can hardly wait.
ooh i love that show, too. my favorite part last year was when kera saun kept telling wendy she had sold her soul and she "might need it one day"
c'est tres dramatique!

did you watch "blow out"?

no I couldn't stand that guy in Blow Out, so I couldn't bear to watch it!
I was glad to see the show return as well. It's fun to see how they figure out their challenges and overcome obstacles (or loose it). I liked Santini until he said that he would of won the 2nd challenge but they had to give it to someone else instead. What an egomaniac! As for Kirsten and her scarf, maybe she could have taken it and made something awesome out of it as a tribute to her mother/grandmother. I guess she didn't have it in her to be inspired by something she felt passionate about. Easy for me to say, it wasn't my heirloom! So, Claudine, would you have used the scarf?
~Cheers! Sharon

good question! I think I would have used teh scarf because I would have wanted to win really badly and wouldn't have wanted to cut corners and risk losing!

I agree I think Santino will be an egomaniac. At first I thought I'd like him but now not so sure. Oh it's so good, Do we really have to wait until next week!!??
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