happy birthday to me
Today I am 31.

I didn't make to the book to store to find a new book to read all day. Did I mention how much I hate shopping?I hope to go tonight on the way back from
dinner so then maybe I can read all day tomorrow before we take Toby to see Santa.

My sister in-law, Maria's, birthday is tomorrow and she and her husband (my husband's identical twin) will also be going to the same place for dinner tonight. Totally by coincidence. I think they are going after we'll be there.

Should make for some interesting talk amongst the wait-staff because Paul (my husband) and Patrick look so much alike. I can see them now -- "wait a minute wasn't that guy just here with a blonde girl (me) and now he's here with a pregnant brunette (Maria)!" Should be funny!


just a little hint to aide with the shopping hate issue...

go to and have a Birthday Book Buying BLitz!!!

Have a Joyous Day!

Happy Birthday. Have a great celebration. I hope you will post a pic of Toby with Santa.
Happy Birthday, Claudine!

(I love the artwork you include on each of your posts.)
You totally don't know me; I am just a fan. I had to post and say happy birthday!! Mine is coming up on tuesday! Yeah for December birthdays!
I am happy i found your blog. :)
Happy birthday, Claudine! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating YOU! And I hope your 31st year is a blast!
Happy Birthday Claudine!!
I hope that this is the beginning of a year filled with good health, every joy and continued success, and much love, always love.
hi claudine,
i'm another person that you don't know that would like to wish you happy birthday! (i too am 31 and i hope this year is as good for you as it has been for me.) i love your bright, fun, whimsical style. i throughly enjoy your new book. eye candy - what a treat!

Buon compleanno! Hope you are having rad b-day!
happy birthday, claudine!
happy birthday!! ♥
Happy Birthday, Claudine! You don't know me, but I am a big fan from Norway, who always wish I could attend your workshops. But the US is too far away, so I read your books instead:)
Hope you had a fun day!
thanks everyone for your birthday wishes! It was a great day! Will post details late, right now we're off to take Toby to visit with Santa!

Thank you again for all your sweet messages!
Happy Belated Birthday Claudine!
I'm late as usual!!
I hope you had the Happiest Birthday my dear friend!!
I wish you the VERY BEST in life, today and Always!!
Brrrrr.... We were moving today in the 18 degree weather...
But we have the Pod half filled so by Wednesday we hope to have it done and be on our way to Tennessee..
In Love and Friendship..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! A bit belated, but filled with LOTS of LOVE!!! I hope you got lots of great presents & yummy cake :) indulge- birthdays last a whole week in my universe, so curl up on the couch & nap at your leisure..... love ya chica!!
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