HSN training day
Yesterday was my training day at HSN. I was part of a small class with myself, a doggie car seat company, and a jewelry artist all led by the super friendly and generous Stephen Riordan. We learned all about presenting on HSN which is absolutely fascinating!

Then we all went down to one of the studios to practice in front of the camera and learn which cameras you are to look at what times. It was great to have a go at presenting one of my kits and also experience wearing the ear piece where they are talking to you in your ear while you are presenting. There is quite a lot going on all at once!

My first 3 kits are already available on the web site here! I am SO EXCITED!! We created very limited quantities of these kits and when they are sold out we won't be reprinting them, so snap them up now!   If you don't want to wait until Thursday when I am presenting on air you can get them now. I'll be on Thursday at noon EST, 6pm EST and 7pm EST. They say "in the hour" so I might not be on right at noon on the dot but shortly after, same for the other time slots too! You can also watch live on as well. These slots could change but I'll be updating down to the minute on twitter and facebook!

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Dearest sweet Caludine, this is so exciting!! I want to watch it too and lucky we can watch it online coz i live far away in Malaysia. :) Congratz and i am so happy for you! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!
How exciting!!! It's all becoming so real. Good luck with everything. I'm sure you'll look like a pro :o)
Hi. congrats on the new line!!!...I immediately purchased the whole line, but HSN doesn't ship to Canada???? I'm soo there any other way to purchase your new packages, otherwise...I have everything else. lol
Yeah....I am a big fan of your work!!!

LOVE IT!!!! so much fun.....
I know it's a shame about the no shipping to Canada or international. If you have a US friend maybe they could get them for you? I am working at trying to get on in Canada and UK shopping channels for future kits! Thank you for your sweet comment!!
I remember seeing you on QVC UK you were really good and that is where I saw your products. I am looking forward to seeing you on UK TV again. I bet that Create and Craft TV would love to have you on. Dawn Bibby is there now too. x
Fingers crossed! Vee. x
Hi Claudine,
Just watched you on HSN via the computer. You did a fabulous job and your samples were terrific. Would love you to come up to the ShoppingChannel in Canada. By the way, you looked gorgeous! Well done.
I ordered a set and can't wait to receive them!
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