easy image transfer to metal tape
Here's a quick tutorial for a super easy image transfer to metal tape! It only takes minutes to do!

I'm using Ranger's Inkssentials Foil Tape which already has adhesive on the back. You'll also want a Mister filled with water and a laser photocopy - inkjet won't work so laser copy. Hint if you put a dab of water on your copy and ink runs. It's an ink jet! This kind won't work! 

 Cut out a small piece of Ranger's Inkssentials Foil Tape to fit your image size. Peel off the paper backing from the foil tape.

  Place photocopy face down into sticky side of foil tape 

  Burnish with a craft stick

  Spray with water using Inkssentials Mister.

  Rub to remove the paper

Apply Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi Medium in Gloss to remove remaining sticky. Use Gloss so the metal stays nice and shiny.

Finished transfer! 


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WOW!! I love this, I have used original tintypes in my work, but sometimes they are too precious to use all the time, and I need an authentic look and this is it!
that is so very cool!! must try!!
That actually looks like something I could do! Thanks for sharing.
That's super cool! What do you do with it after though?
you can do so many things with it.... use it in a scrapbook layout, journal cover, jewelery, a card, a wall hanging too!
what an awesome technique...thanks for sharing..
Great technique!
awesome, just seen a tutorial last nite very similar to this using acrylic paint. same technique. i'm sharing this!
wow! What a superb idea!
Can't wait to try this. Thanks!
Love this!!!
Supercool, thanks for sharing.
I love image transfers and this one is easy!! Thanks for the idea!
I love vintage photographs... what a great way to use them in art projects... thanks for the tutorial!!
What a great tip! Thank you for sharing!
Can't wait to try this must get laser copies of someof my fave pics x
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