HSN day recap
Yesterday was my big day at HSN launching my new paper product line. What a whirlwind day full of nerves, stress and excitement. All of these kits have been nearly a year in the making and I have been working almost non stop: designing the product, creating samples, lots of meetings, many late nights and weekends lost to work. But the big day was finally here! 

Thank you to everyone who was out there rooting for me and sending me messages on twitter and facebook. It helped so much!

Presenting on a shopping channel is not an easy job let me tell you. The hosts that are on there every day make it look effortless and that is part of their magic. The reality is  you have an ear piece with people telling you which of 4 cameras to look at, how much time is left in the segment etc. There are monitors right in front of you while you are on air showing you how well you are selling (I tried not to look at those!). You're talking to your host, trying to get in all the features of your product before the time is up, and all on live TV with only a 6 second delay between what you are saying and what the TV audience sees! 

No stress at all right? 

Somehow I managed to do it and I know next time it will be even easier because I won't feel like the new kid at school. I'll know where to go, how to set up my tables, where the storage room is, the all important bathroom, greenroom and all the little details that keep you up tossing and turning the night before your show date! 

My first two segments I presented my Super Swell Scrapbook Kit and Sweet Treats Chipboard Kit with Shivan Sarna and then my last two segments I presented the Super Swell Scrapbook Kit again and then my Rub on Kit with Suzanne Runyan

It was great working with both hosts and seeing their different takes on the products and how they responded to it, the different things they pointed out etc. Being live on HSN is like being in a job interview. It's not until after you get off air and later in the day you start thinking of all the things you wished you had time to say or what you would have done differently. You get the one shot and it goes so fast it's over before you can blink! 

I am really happy with how it went and it was such an exciting trip and event.  One of the best treats about the whole experience was the sense of camaraderie with the other presenters. I got to hang out with Beth Kingston from Xyron,  Andrew Hiller the owner of We R Memory Keepers, Donna Stork from 3 Birds, and my life saver friend Chasity Sivanick who showed me all the ropes. 

We also met "real housewife" Jill Zarin, I didn't know who she was but I was all excited because she brought her little chihuahua with her. I asked if I could pet him/her and she said no he wasn't friendly. But later he was running around the halls (so tiny!!) and came right up to me and let give him a nice little cuddle, so maybe he made an exception for me!

Below are the clips from my segments. You can still get all these kits on!

Sweet Treats Chipboard Kit Video. Check out this kit on
Watch the Rub on Kit Video.  Buy this kit on

Scrapbook Kit Video - click the image below to watch the video on
I couldn't find this one wasn't on the HSN youtube Channel. 
I'll be back on again March 6th with THREE new kits! Yes no rest for the weary. I'll be making more samples as soon as I get myself back to DC! There will be a crazy cute laser cut wood shape kit, a card making kit and a 3-d sticker kit too!


You were great! All super products, too!
Congratulations! Very exciting (the kits and featuring them on HSN!). And you did a super-great job for a first time presenter. YAY!!!
You did such a great job!! And you know how much I love that chipboard!! :-) Can't wait to see the new goodies next month.
I think you did a fantastic job.No one would know it was your first time and you were so darn cute.I loved all the layouts with your fur baby!
You are so creative Claudine! Enjoyed seeing your debut! So cool!
"Being live on HSN is like being in a job interview. It's not until after you get off air and later in the day you start thinking of all the things you wished you had time to say or what you would have done differently. You get the one shot and it goes so fast it's over before you can blink!"

I feel that way when I'm teaching classes, so I can totally sympathize! I can only imagine what it's like in front of a camera!

I thought you did a fantastic job on your "maiden voyage", and I know it will just get better & better each time!

*hugs* and many best wishes! :)
My Claudine Hellmuth HSN kits arrived today! I ordered all 3, and they are delightful! Adorable packaging, heaps of cute product, and they will work so well in combination together. Yay! These kits are the cure for my winter "blah"s with their bright colors, cute shapes (I especially love the birds & house pets) and snappy patterns. Thank you so much!
thank you so much everyone!

@Heather - if you wouldn't mind giving a review on I would so appreciate it! thank you!!
Just received my rub-ons and LOVE them!!
yay thanks Suzanne!!
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