happy halloween!!
Wishing you a very Happy Halloween weekend with another illustration from my dollhouse project!


I took the photo for this using late afternoon lighting and I love the "yellow afternoon glow" effect. I dressed my main character Betty up as Dorothy, ready to hand candy out to the neighborhood kids.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween weekend! I'll be away all next week attending a business convention. So see you in early November! (I can't believe it's November already!)


just desserts
Last Saturday I took a class at a Miniature Show in Tysons taught by Patricia Wehmeier.  I was there with my friends Amy and Leslie and Leslie's sweet daughter (happy birthday Sylvan!)

It was so much fun! We made these teeny weeny desserts all day long and I had another excuse to experiment with my dollhouse project! We also learned some great tips!  Did you know that moisturizer will remove colored polymer clay stains from your hands? I didn't!



So here's my dollhouse character, Betty with just a small portion of the desserts we made: ice cream sundaes, cupcakes, chocolate bunnies, chocolate chip cookies, brownies etc. We also made the mini napkins, place mats and napkin rings.

I think when I get around to writing + photographing the story of Betty that she will be terrible at everything domestic except baking. That way I can make all these fun sweets for her! Who knows ... maybe she will open up a Sweet Shop!


illustration friday: racing
I'm working with my dollhouse project again for this week's  illustration friday theme of  "racing"  

I don't know about you but when I go to the grocery store I am always racing around like a mad woman trying to get out of there and home as fast as possible. Groceries flying everywhere as soon as I am in the door. Grocery shopping is my least favorite thing to do!

So for this theme of "racing" I have my dollhouse character racing home from the store just like I do! 

What's really fun experimenting with this 3-d way of working, is that I get to play with perspective in a way that isn't as immediate with my 2-d collages. 

for #1 the camera angle is from below the figure


for #2 the camera angle above the figure. 

My photography wasn't perfect on these because I was "racing" to finish, but still had a great time playing with different perspectives.  

Paul already weighed in and he says #2 with camera up high .....which angle do you like best?

have a great weekend!

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easy to make halloween village
Well, here's a spooky Halloween village that I created and I am going to show you how to make it too! The best part about this little project is that it will cost you next to nothing to make, I am betting you already have many of these items around your house!

Suggested supply list:

STEP ONE: Put the house template (download here) on top of a sheet of old music paper and trace around it with a pencil and then cut it out. Don't forget you can adjust the template to make tall and skinny houses or any type of house you would like!

STEP TWO: Draw in where you would like the windows and doors to go.

STEP THREE: Paint in the house. Paint around all the doors and windows leaving them unpainted. Here I am using Charcoal Black from the Claudine Hellmuth Studio Line.

STEP FOUR: Here I added details. I used Claudine Hellmuth Studio Sticky Back Canvas painted with Landscape Green to make the curtains, and the
Ranger Inkssentials White Pen.

STEP FIVE: Fold all your edges and then glue the tab to the other side of the house with Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi Medium.

STEP SIX: Pinch the sides to shape the house.

STEP SEVEN: Place the roof template on a piece of scrapbook paper, trace around and cut out

STEP EIGHT: Fold the roof piece down the center and then add details or trim if you like!

STEP NINE: Put the roof on your house and then place a BATTERY OPERATED tea light candle underneath. DO NOT use a regular tea light candle with flame because it will catch your mini house on fire! You can find Battery tea light candles at home stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, Dollar Store or at your local craft store.

YOU'RE DONE! Here's the little house along with a few others ready to bring spookiness to your home. It was difficult to capture just how glowing the houses are with the battery tea lights underneath. When you make yours, you will see how fun they are!

Check your local crafts/scrapbook or arts supply store for availability. Claudine Hellmuth Studio Products are for sale online, just google Claudine Hellmuth Studio!

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Live with Prima!
I'm excited to announce that this Tuesday October 26th at 7:30pm EST I'll be doing a Live with Prima episode on the Prima U Stream channel.

I'll be created a layered album cover using my new Creative Layers stamps along with a fun mix of gorgeous Prima products of course! 

This class is FREE! To watch the live shows, go to the Prima channel on Ustream located here: Prima Channel at 7:30pm EST on October 26th!

See you there!

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illustration friday: spooky
I'm working with my dollhouse project again for this week's  illustration friday theme of  "spooky" 


then I created this version with my main character at a window....


and because everything looks spookier in black and white...


Have a great weekend everyone!

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happy birthday mom!
A big happy birthday to my wonderful Mom! I love you so much!


Here's a photo of the two of us that was taken at my Sedona AZ workshop in 2008! I LOVE this photo of us together!! Love you mom! xoxoxoxox
Claudine Hellmuth Studio Free eClass!
I am so excited to share with you my new stamp line called The Claudine Hellmuth Studio Creative Layers Collection. Brought to you by Ranger & Stampers Anonymous! This line launched in July at the CHA show and is now available in stores and online!

To celebrate I have created a free eclass just for you! Click the SlideShare window below to start watching the presentation. You can also visit my SlideShare page to download the entire presentation as a PDF!

STORE OWNERS (both online and regular stores!) please direct your customers to this eclass or use it to create a class of your own using the Claudine Hellmuth Studio product line and host in your store! I have created the tinyurl of to make it easy for you to share with your customers!

feel free to use my presentation to create your own class using the Claudine Hellmuth Studio product line

CUSTOMERS: Where to buy? Try your local craft store and ask them to add the Claudine Hellmuth Studio Creative Layers Stamp Collection to their inventory. Or try online! As of right now I see that Simon Says Stamp is carrying them and so is Ellen Hutson!

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illustration friday: transportation
Here's my piece for this weeks illustration friday theme of "transportation"


have a great weekend everyone!


one click ... save a life!
My friend Bernie who runs A Place to Bark is in the running for the GoDaddy commercial contest. The winning prize is $250,000! Wow! That could go a long way to saving so many animals from death row and that's why we want her to win this amazing opportunity!

Please CLICK THIS LINK and then go and vote a rating of 5 on Bernie's commercial. 5 is the highest rating and you can vote ONCE A DAY!  Then tell all your friends! Post on Facebook, Twitter and email your friends too! 

Because of the recession this year has been very difficult for a lot of charities and A Place to Bark is not excluded. Time and time again Bernie has come so near to having to close and stop taking in dogs. But she forges on, with her own money and funds and the kindess of vets allowing her to carry a VERY LARGE medical bill balance.

With this money A Place to Bark would be able to pay off all the debt, finish the shelter and save SO MANY MORE lives!! This needs to happen. So please help us spread the word!!


Without A Place to Bark we wouldn't have our Maggie or our Stanley cat. Here's a photo of Maggie with me just minutes after we picked her up and were bringing her home! Saved from death row by Bernie - now spoiled rotten by us!!

Don't forget to CLICK THIS LINK and vote ONCE A DAY from now until October 18th. Don't forget to tell every single person you know to do it too!!!


illustration friday: beneath
I'm working with my dollhouse project again for this week's  illustration friday theme of  "beneath"

Still playing with my character, next challenge is to give her different expressions. I have to figure out how I am going to go about that.  Photoshop with definitely be involved!

For this piece Betty is vacuuming and of course the kitty runs beneath the bed as soon as the vacuum comes out! Our Mabel cat was the model for this kitty.


Here I am playing with a closeup and testing out the macro function on my camera. Not sure which one is my favorite the close up or the full photo image. I like them both!

have a great weekend everyone!

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ho ho ho in October?
It's already October and the holidays will be here before you know it! Now's the time to place your custom artwork order so we can make sure it arrives before Santa does!

I am beginning my holiday custom artwork waiting list on October 1st this year. If you would like to commission me to make any artworks for your special family, friends, and even yourself, you will need to place your order during this time. I am only accepting a limited of commissions this year. If you want to get on the list, just click here for more information about my custom artworks!

The Details:

  1. Because of demand during the holiday season, all orders will be on a first come, first served basis until my order schedule has been filled
  2. I begin accepting requests starting Oct.1st
  3. I will stop accepting holiday orders Nov 15th
  4. When I reach my order limit, I will be unable to fill any additional orders for the holidays. However, I do have gift certificates and On Its Way Certificates available!


Here's a custom canvas artwork that I created for this sweet family. They are moving and wanted to have a tribute to their treehouse that the whole family loves and will miss!

I have four personalized artwork options available, ranging from fully-customizable to semi-custom and for any budget too! Prices start at just $75 for paper sketches and only $25 for custom magnetic paper dolls.

Once your artwork is ready to ship, we can create matching notes, stationery or holiday cards!


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