giveaway time!
Let's have a giveaway to perk things up around here!

Vickie Howell's fabulous new book Pop Goes Crochet arrived in my mail and what a treat it was to get this book! There are some super cute projects in here, my favs are the scarfs on page 51 & 83. I am a scarf-a-holic and if I knew how to crochet I would be whipping these up in no time!

I don't know a lick of crochet but I imagine some of you do out there! So this giveaway is for all of you!! Just post a comment below and I will pick a winner at random on Monday at 6pm EST! Don't forget to include your email address or blog so I can contact you if you are a winner!

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Click here to see if you are the winner!
thank you everyone for playing! We'll have more giveaways soon!!

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I'm a total beginner but I'd love to peruse those pages! :)
I love to crochet and would love to have this book. My grandma taught me as a child. Thanks Claudine for this giveaway! -Beth
oh oh me me!

i was looking through this book in the bookstore yesterday, but i was too broke to buy it! i'd love it, it looks fabulous!
This book looks really neat. I have had fun with crochet in the past. I made ponytale elastics for my daughters when they were little. And I actually made one afghan for my eldest daughter. Who knows, maybe with this book my other girls might get a little something too.
Thanks for doing the giveaway.
I'm just a beginner, but would love to have this book! :)
I would also love to have this book. You are so KEWL to do this.
My Grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 6 or 7 and then again when I was in college - I didn't get much practice as a kid. I have only made a couple of scarves but I have always loved it. I would love this book! Got my fingers crossed.
Sweet giveaway! I can't wait to check out this book.
Looks like a fun book! I know about four crochet stitches and all I've ever made are potholders and scarves. Maybe it's time for me to branch out ;-)

Thanks for the fun giveaway!
I don't crochet either, but wanted to say how nice of you to pass on the gift!
Oh, I'm a crocheter, Claudine! I'd love the book! :)
i'm just learning crochet, and would love anything to inspire me!
That is a great book! Would love to have it! Your work has always inspired me. I have two books of yours.
Would love to have Vickie's book
Thanks for the chance. Janis
My Grandmother taught me to crochet when I was a little girl... but I have not had a try for years. This might be the thing to kicks start me again. Thanks
would love love LOVE to own this book! Oh random generator, please let me be the lucky whiner . . . I mean WINNER! *hee hee*
I would love to win a crochet book that re-inspires me:)
like you, I can't do a lick of crochet, but my dear friend Ann is FAB and would love, love, love this book. my blog is: ... I'll gift the book to someone who will gift you back a crocheted item :-) how's THAT?!
It would be great to have this book.

I love your product.
I know enough crochet to be dangerous so a new excuse to practice would be great! Thanks - Chrisi
crochet certainly is having a revival! I have just been to a blog where they featured a gorgeous granny square afghan: all spring pastels and different sized blocks, I think I feel some croche coming on! It must be 30 years (yikes!) since I did any
hi Claudine,
I've just finished a crochet project and am looking for inspiration for the next... bet these would be fun!

I love to crochet especially small projects like scarves! This is the first time I've seen this title by Vicki Howell - I would love to have a copy. My blog is and my email is
Scarf are fun, I am an afaghan gal. I also like crochet with thread for lacey curtians. What a nice giveaway.
I love to crochet but at some point I lost my inspiration. This book could definitely give me a boost!
pick me! pick me!
A great gift for mother's day. I'll crochet some! :)
I just became interested in crochet again after many years so this would be great. Thanks!
My dear grandmother TRIED to teach me crocheting and I did do one little thing. I would love to win the book to get back into it. Marlynn
hi claudine!

oh how fun! i just recently found vicki's work and i LOVE to crochet.

thank you for this fun giveaway!

:) melissa
Ohh I love Vicki...and I'm acutally taking my first crochet class tomorrow. Thanks for the give-away opp!

I would absolutely LOVE to win this book!! I'm a knitter who learned to crochet a few months back and am smitten!
I love Vickie Howell and I love crochet!! Thanks for holding this contest!
**Drooling*** I feel I should win 'cause I never win anything! :) And I LOVE crochet.

Please enter me.
I'm soo excited to get this book! Been looking forward to it for a while now. I love Vickie's designs.
I LUV to crochet..hope I win it!

Hope you're doing well...I miss seeing Toby on your blog. He was so adorable. He will be missed by many! Hugs to you!
I would love to get books like this in my mailbox just because! I'm looking forward to this one.

I LOVE this book! I can't wait to get it, but it may be a while unless I win one. These patterns look extremely fun.
Would love to win this...thanks for the chance to participate!
How nice of you!!!
My grandmother taught my mom to crochet (and knit)... my mom taught me, and now I am teaching my daughter... I am loving this book... and have been wanting it since I first saw it.. it is PERFECT for my daughter and I.. I bet she will think I am a SUPER COOL MOM!!!
Thank you for holding this contest... <3
pick me! pick me! :-)
I can't wait to get this book!
My blog is Stix on the Beach: Tales From The Happy Hooker! .... and winning this book would make me very, very happy! =)
What a fun sounding book. I would love to add it to my library!
What a fun book and what a sweet thing for you to do.
What fun! Count me in.
I love to crochet and would love to get a copy of Vickie's new book!

Thanks for the chance to win Vickie's book! I love to crochet!!
You should check out Debbie Stoller's "Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet." It's a good resource guide. I refer to it and her knitting book all the time!

I'm more of a crocheter, though. Still trying to learn out to knit. :)

If I win this book, you will have to tell me what color scarf you want for this Fall! I'll just "POP" it off in the mail!
Forgot to include: eringlee (at)
i'd love to add it to my crochet library!
What a fun-looking book! thanks for the opportunity to win it!

Would love to win this one :)
Oh! I love Vickie Howell! I know how to do granny squares but that is about it. Would love to win this book!
I need some crochet books. Please enter me!
I love to crochet, especially scarves. Thanks for the chance.
I've been crocheting more than knitting for some strange reason (ADD most likely). I would LOVE the book. Thanks for the giveaway chance.
I love giveaways!!!!
I want this book so much!! Thanks for the contest!
Super/duper! Congrats on your book! Woop-woop!
I love to crochet. this book looks like fun!
I learned to crochet when I was just a pup. I'm always looking for more interesting patterns to crochet and my birthday is May 29 so this would be a great birthday gift and would make this Gemini very happy! <3
You really should learn how to crochet, Claudine, what with all your spare time. :D I'd love to revisit this old standby hobby.
Yep - I do crochet but certainly could use a book since I need help. Thanks for thos chance to win. Also, I am so terribly sorry for your loss. Toby was the dog of my dreams. Know that he's in heaven, pain free and happy.
Dear Claudine,
Such generosity ! If I win, I'll make you a beautiful scarf ! :-)
I'm a fan of crochet, always have two or three projects running at the same time !
Manon Gemme (
I have a friend who's been making all these cute little crochet projects...maybe if I give her this book she'll make me something!!
what timing! i am trying to re learn what my nana taught me about crocheting many years ago!
happy days,
I would love to learn! What a great challenge.
oooohhh I am such a vickie howell fan but get her on tv anymore...
Please enter me in the giveaway and thanks for having the giveaway!
I only know a little crocheting - but it beats my knitting ! thank you for the giveaway - this looks interesting - updated and fun.
That looks like an awesome book!!!
I learned to crochet with my Grandma when I was a kid. I forgot it all as an adult, but years (and years) later, I'm now learning again with my 9 year old daughter. This book would be great for both of us!
robynshopsalot @ gmail . com
whee! i like crochet! i am getting better, i like to make scarves especially! thanks for a fun giveaway!
Love the book.
Your giveaways looks funny !!! I love crochet !!!! but I never know what to do ...

Thanks to share
Helena from Spain
Thanks for this GREAT give-away!!!! This book looks like so much fun!

Greetings from Holland.
My kids know how to crochet. It's time Mama got on board!

Thanks for sharing!
you should learn! It's soooo relaxing. My Mum taught me many, many years ago and I've been crocheting again recently whilst off work long term sick. It's so stress releasing.
Would love to win :)
Thanks for a chance to win!
I love crocheting and need some inspiration!!!!!!thanks Jennie
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