a place to bark raffle winners
It has finally happened! Last night I selected at random with this handy random number generator 42 winners for our A Place to Bark Network For Good fund raiser gifts. Here are our lucky winners out of over 2,400 donations! Each artist has been notified of their winner(s) and they will be getting in touch with you to send you your gift(s)! Thank you again for support of A Place to Bark we couldn't have done it without your generous support!!!!

winner- Joan McGrady-Beach

winner - Lee Brown

winners - Donna Hart, Vicky Martindale, Sharee Chapman, Patricia Dusman, Martha Rich

winner - Jody Green

Penny Dittmer, Bonnie Towles, Christine Rose Elle, david o'connell, Ethel Burnham

winner - Kelly Snelling

winners - jennifer boykin ,Sue Verner, Norma Amador, Jacek Menel, Laura Turner

winners - Catherine Dunphy, catherine davol , Denni A Bloom , Kim McCullough , Anita Van Hal, Marie Prescott , Maurice Nowell, Cheryl Hayden, jill smith ragan, Leigh Armstrong

winner - Suzy Hay

two signed books by Margot Potter and a handmade dog collar
winners - Janet Cregar , Gary Rattner , Jon and Denise Luce

winner - Christine Hazelton

winner - Jayne Bramley

winners - Lyn Klauzer, Roberta Powell

winner - Michelle Curran

winners - Christine Crabtree, Ann Kirschner

winners - Molly Simmons , Danielle Muller


i won a prize?! how exciting! it's funny because i was thinking of you all doing the drawings when i got up this morning. just a random thought. and i came to visit your blog and ta-dah! here i am! it was nothing but pleasure to donate to a place to bark. i'm so happy to have been able to help.
how fun! thanks so much!

danielle muller
I'm thrilled to have won an orignal piece of Sheri Gaynor's artwork! Thank you so much!!

Jody Green
I was surprised and thrilled to have won a print from Leigh Jackson. I really felt honored when I saw her in featured in Home Companion this month. Thank you so much. Glad I could help.
Christine Hazelton
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