wow! we are doing it!!
I have been wearing out my reload button on my web browser this weekend checking the progress of the A Place to Bark donation badge all weekend!

A Place to Bark is now #2
the top ten badges. Almost 900 donations!!!!! WOW!!! Thank you so much to all of YOU for keeping this effort going. Each and every one of you have helped make a difference helping her get closer to winning this $50,000 grant for the animals in need.

Below is a listing all of the artists who have generously donated thank you gifts to those of you sending in your $10 donation to A Place to Bark. The winners of these thank you gifts will be chosen at random after Jan. 31st.

Click the link in each listing to visit the blog of the artist for further details!

  • original artwork by Tim Holtz
  • a lifetime membership to ZNE
  • original 16x20 artwork by Claudine Hellmuth
  • 5 signed copies of Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected
  • original artwork by Sheri Gaynor
  • 5 original Artist Trading Cards by Bernie Berlin
  • original mixed media painting by Brenda Pinnick custom made for you!
  • 5 signed copies of Artist Trading Card Workshop, a book by Bernie Berlin
  • 10 archival prints by pet portrait artist Kathy Weller
  • a signed archival print by Melissa Langer of Pug Notes
  • a signed copy of The Impatient Beader by Margot Potter
  • a signed copy of The Impatient Beader Gets Inspired by Margot Potter
  • handmade original dog collar with interchangeable pendants by Margot Potter
  • a signed print of your choice from Noisy Dog Studio
  • a collage pack brimming with artsy papers from CollageJoy
  • two original collage artworks by Heatherly of Richmond St. Designs
  • grab bag of kitty and doggie stamps from Cat's Life Press
  • 2 Scrappy Cats skeins of yarn from Saints and Sinners
  • 2 collage prize packs from Christine Adolph designs

  • .....and more!This will be an on going list so check back for new updates!

    Also everyone who has posted the donation badge or a link or a message of support to their blog, please post a comment in this post of Bernie's blog so we can keep track and extend a big THANK YOU!!

    Thank you to everyone who has donated and thank you to all of you for spreading the word!!
    We can't slow down or stop thinking our spot is safe and secure. We have to keep spreading the word every day, for the next 11 days so we can get far enough ahead that it will be impossible to catch us :) I know we can do it!!!

    About A Place to Bark:
    "A Place to Bark" is a private no kill rescue run solely by Bernie Berlin. All animals come from high kill shelters in the south and are on death row. Combining health care, rehabilitation, and working with animal welfare organizations A Place to Bark provides a true no kill vision. Registered 501c3 non-profit. Visit A Place to Bark's web site.


    How super exciting for Bernie!!!! I posted the badge on my blog just know. I'll be checking the numbers daily till the end! How cool that this is generating so much for Bernie and the animals!!!!!!!
    Oh, how icky. I totally didn't catch the misspelling in my first comment. I hate to comment twice, but I feel so dumb. Of course I didn't mean to type "know" when I should have said "now". Must have been the intensely good rerun of CSI. Or maybe it was my beverage. Whatever it was, at least I caught it! :) :) :)
    I was just passing by and I must commend you for a very amazing site! keep it up! I love your works!
    Hey there!

    I posted a reminder on my blog. This is SO exciting that Bernie is getting so close.

    If you get a chance, you might want to swap the link that you have for ZNE from the ZNE Network URL to the main website:

    That way, if people aren't familiar with ZNE - they'll have some idea of what/who we are. (You can only actually see the ZNE Network if you are a member.)

    Either way - and more importantly - WOO HOO FOR A PLACE TO BARK!!!!

    xo - Chel
    Hi Claudine,
    I first learned of Bernie's rescue through your blog and have been a fan ever since.I posted the badge to my blog yesterday, and last week sent an email to all of my animal loving friends. Thank you for the opportunity to help Bernie. It is such a small thing compared to what she does every day!!!!

    I have been keeping a close eye on the progress and thrilled with the response. I posted the badge last week on my blog at

    I also emailed family and friends. I will continue sending out emails this week. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Penny Raile
    If you guys ever need any jewelry to sell for the cause let me know.

    Bernie should have an Etsy store just donated to the cause all year long like Handmade Nation (the Indie Craft Documentry) does. People donate goodies, they sell it through Etsy and all the money goes for the film. Bernie could have one for a place to bark.
    They're so cute!!!! I love dogs!
    Sorry but I can't speak english very well, I'm from have a nice day! Loredana
    Hi Claudine!
    I've also blogged about Bernie's cause and posted her badge on my site as well. I'm also offering two free pieces of original artwork. Anyone who has donated can leave a comment on the post "Keep Spreading the Word!"
    Hey girly...
    Just posted another blurb on my blog about the 6 Degrees contest. Hopefully the 12 readers that I have [lol!] will have a look and contribute to the cause.

    Hey Claudine,
    I've just posted another plea to keep donating on my blog
    again and want to add 2 custom "Scrappy Cats" handspun yarn skeins to the list as a prize.

    Hi Claudine,
    It's Miz Bella and I'll GLADLY donate a set of my hand-made worry dolls for one of the prizes!

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