pets on parade
Today my neighbor and I went to the Winter Park Pet Costume Contest.

Of course we brought our babies, in costume. Toby went as an angel and Gizmo (my neighbor's Shih Tzu) went as a police man. It was funny seeing Toby as an angel because he is such a grump. Click the image to the right to see Toby in his full angel glory.

Toby just about tolerated the wings that I added to his harness with a safety pin. Not nearly as innovative as last years' Ewok costume but at least he wore them wit
hout protest. We kept giggling watching his little wings flapping around.

We ha
d a blast seeing all the different pet costumes. We saw a lot of Superman, one Batman, a bunch of bumblebees, dragons, lady bugs and ballerina's, even 3 dachund's dressed as Chiquita bananas.

Toby did get a little stressed out by the whole event. So I spent most of the tim
e carrying him (his 17 lbs. gets really heavy after about 10 minutes of holding him!) while Gizmo ever the social butterfly was happy to meet all the other dogs! Poor Toby, I wish he was more comfortable in social situations but he did the best he could. Next year I am bringing his stroller so he can ride along and feel safe away from the other dogs.

But despite all that, we had a great day! I wish Paul could have come but he had to work today. But maybe next year! Now Toby is totally exhausted and so am I!


I laughed out loud at Toby's expression...too cute for words. Since I'd just finished watching the Star Wars Trilogy, I had to see him in last year's Ewok costume too. Priceless!
If you put him in his little pram next year, you can dress him with a baby bonnet and bib and keep a binkie dangling nearby. THAT would be hilarious to see!

GREAT idea! I am totally doing that next year! LOL!
oh they are adorable! i wish abby would wear a costume...but she seriously hates clothing! :) happy halloween!
oooohhhhhh, i remember the year aspen was dressed as a prisoner - all in stripes, even with a pillbox-shaped hat. hilarious! he's too old-man fuddy-duddy to fuss with any costumes now. guess he could old man?! xoxo
That's really cute!
Oh, man. This I gotta see. Toby will probably be in dog heaven and he'll look SOOOOOOO cute!!
My mini schnauzer, Max, also hates clothing. I bought him a sweater last winter and he ran in circles chasing his tail until I took it off. Love the baby costume idea!!
Tobby is looking awesome in that dress.I too have 3 doggies the smallest of which Chihuahua who is only 3 months old got a little upset on the eve of Halloween as we all tried to dress him up.
Poor soul!!He was totally stressed out....
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