illustration friday: windy
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "windy"

(click image to enlarge)
When I read the theme I imagined a girl taking a ride in the country on her little Vespa, scarf flowing in the breeze (wind), and of course her little doggie along for the ride.

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oh, beautiful and nice like always!

mmm, I wish the wind could take her kilt upper...


i just love her...and her little dog, too.
oh , I love happy they are together, riding in the wind...
so cute! i wish abby & i were riding along on a cute Vespa! :)
Darling collage
Vroom vroom
:D she looks so great!! i want that scarf!!! it´s lovely!
That is perfect. Makes me feel hapy just to look at it.
Oh the rainy day way over there!! She does look quite cheeky as if she is enjoying the fact she is in the sunny countryside and those poor city folk are being rained on...if she only knew I love the rain more heheh
always makes me smile!
Great piece of work kiddo! Hope you and Stanley are enjoying time at home!
art hugs a bunch
Love the retro feel , and of course, the doggie!! So nice, as always!
I LOVE the scooter especially! Beautiful work as always :)
adorable! love the vintage retro feel to it!
Love the little doggie's can feel the wind in his face. Adorable and so retro. Nice work.
Wow your work is cute and original !!...
wow, beautiful :o)
So cute! What could be better than a red vespa and a doggie:>
So cute! I love when you include animals in your art. Your pieces are always so happy!
so cheerful! i especially love the dog riding shotgun. :-)
love the vespa and the angle her face is at! very cute and windy!
OOh, too cute - I love the one rainy cloud over the city, but the country road she's on is all sunshine - makes me want to go for a nice long Sunday drive today. Such a cute illustration =)
Oh I love it! I wish I could be her. She seems like she's having so much fun!
Great work
what fun. i like the way you delinated the grass with the little marching ants. cool flowers too with their croocked little stems. i enjoy the spontenaety of it all including the wobbly front tire. wonderful as always.
I got a small dog (Morran) just so I could take her with me on my Vespa. But I kept Morran in a backpack though :)
I don't have a Vespa any more.
I love your work!!
Your illustrations always make me smile!
i like the textures and the colors (especially the reds) and I like how you outlined and dotted the clouds and the hills. ^_^
Cool flowers! I really want a scooter like that. Nice job!
That scooter looks so fun! Dont think I would get too far around here with it in the winter but it sure does look fun! Oh, if I only lived on the west coast!
Very cute, I love my Vespa and ride it all around town... I always wear my helmet... I don't think my cats would appreciate the fun windy ride though.
Love your illo! The colors are great.
This rocks! You have such a great style, and this composition is really terrific.
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Nice piece! Love the dog. I keep seeing the dotted line of the hill cutting thru your lady's neck... I think Halloween's still on my mind!
This is great. I wish it was me in the picture - it's snowing here. Love your latest post with the two girls - the toys and cat are sweet.
Great piece, that sure looks like fun. Meep Meep!
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