all done!
We wrapped up the filming today for the third DVD. Everything went great and we were done in record time! That was perfect because it gave me time to pack up all my stuff and get organized for my classes, and even make a trip to Home Depot.

Tomorrow I'll leave the Creative Catalyst Studios, drive back to Portland, go grocery shopping and check into the Embassy Suites. Then I'll be off to have lunch with Leslie from Amber Lotus, which should be a lot of fun to meet her! After all that, I'll turn in the rental car (I won't need it for Art and Soul as I'll barely leave the hotel) and then get ready to start teaching on Wednesday! I'll be teaching 7 classes in 5 days so I know I'll be worn out!

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H ave a great week Claudine!
I wish I was coming out!
Great! I'll be getting another Claudine DVD - YAY!! Now, did you include your color theory on that DVD or will you do a 4th one. Hum, I'm nagging again aren't I...sorry.... :) Hope your classes go smoothly and boy are YOU going to be happy to get home. I bet you are missing Stan!!
don't forget to get some rest!!! HUGE congrats on completing everything and safe travels as you venture on. hugs, rach
Wow what a whirlwind. You're amazing Claudine. Thanks for sharing. Love the previous kitty cat posts. Absolutely adorable!!
You're meeting Leslie for lunch? She's VERY cool! I met her a few years ago when Amber Lotus was still in San Francisco, and we see each other once in a while at BEA. She's so nice; you'll have fun!
Wow, what a crazy schedule! You def. need a vacation when you return :-) Can't wait to hear about your classes when you get back!!
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