illustration friday: change
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "change."

(click image to enlarge)
This is a piece that I had already created -- no time to make a new piece with a new kitten and travel this weekend. I was thinking of how when men are watching TV they tend to change the channel all the time. So I think it works for the theme even if it's a little stretch!

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Amen! To alleviate this frustration, my husband can keep his channel changer, but I control the volume!! Great illustration!
Awesome! Just went through that experience last night :) Great illo!
This is so boyfriend calls it "flicking"...drives me mad!!

Ouissi x
very cute and a great idea!
cool.. though It looks like he's changed into his special argyle shorts after a long day int he office... so it entierly suitable!!
Lovely piece!
becoming a skilled channel surfer is the best revenge! but perhaps a new kitty works even better???
He's changing the channel but zoning out at the wall. Nice image Claudine!
Nice take on the topic!
So funny!
Another great one. Love the pants and floor. This guy is definitely taking a break after a long days work at the office.
I think it works very well for the topic. I like the way he's got the remote in hand ready to switch! Nice illo, as usual!
Great work! Love your take on the topic..
Great idea. Very nice illo. A few weeks ago I watched your video demonstration. I liked it!
hey claudine. cool stuff as always =) greetings! astrid
Muy interesantes tus trabajos.
Saludos desde EspaƱa
I didn't even think of channel changing...great idea! Love the colors and your new kitty is adorable!
Very funny! I like your theme on "change". I have to admit that I am the remote hog in our family :-). XOX to Stanley - he's sooooo darn cute!!
He can be forgiven because he is wearing such cool shorts! Hope he finds something good to watch:)
You're right with men and remote control. Somehow I just don't understand. Anyways, great collage as usual. I can see that your collage commission is doing very well! Congrats on that and keep it up, we love your work!
Nice work! This is a really beautiful piece.
i am so lucky to live in a house where i am the remote controller. rare.
another beautiful piece!
He looks totally absorbed in the 7 second portion of the program he has already seen and will only see. This is hilarious because it is so true!
je,je, I love your great idea!
This is perfect! I love how his legs are many men won't get up from their "viewing station" why bother having legs! :-)
hahaha!very funny!
I love it! LOL!
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