back to the vet
Busy day today. Worked on commissions, and more step outs for the Craft Lab taping.

Ran back to the vet to get
Toby tested for Cushing's Disease. Which is really scary to think about. The vet doesn't really think he has it, but he think's it's important to rule it out. I feel the same way. Not too worried, but still a little bit. I'll be glad to know the results.

This was my second trip to the vet this week.
Mabel also had a check-up for her bladder infections. I swear I go there so much, now I just get in my car and say "drive to the vet" and my car does it all by itself.

Next week I will be taking Toby to a complimentary therapy vet to see what holistic options we can look into for getting his skin and hair back on track. Once we rule out anything else with the tests. The holistic vet works in tandem with my existing vet to find the best solution. We'll see how that goes. The first visit is just to check it out and see what they have to say.

I think it goes without saying I give my pets better medical care than I do myself!

Tomorrow I'll be going over to my friend
Martha's. I am excited to see her! It's been a long time!


project runway
Another great episode! I was on the edge of my seat for this one!

I wish Michael would have won but I think it was good Jeffrey did, even if he is the "bad guy" for this season. I think Jeffrey should have won for the paper dress he made a few episodes ago so this makes up for that. He needs to let the whole thing about Angela's Mom go. It was getting annoying how he kept harping on it.

Was it just me, or did Laura's pregnant belly seem to grow on the flight over from NYC to Paris? Did you notice how big it was when she walked in her dress in the Paris classroom? I could have sworn her belly barely showed when she modeled her dress on the runway in New York. I absolutely loved her dress. Laura is growing on me even though I still can't forgive her for not liking dogs.

Vincent's outfit was super boring. I thought he would have gotten nailed for that. It looked badly cut and the judges are always first to harp on anything that is boring. It remains a big question mark for me why he is still on.

So Angela is gone. It's almost anticlimactic. I wanted her gone so badly a few episodes ago, now that it has happened, I felt a touch sorry for her. She looked great with her hair all straight. She should wear it like that all the time. I was so worried that Kayne would have been the one to go. I think Kayne is wonderful, he cracks me up. I felt so sad when that lady told him he looked ridiculous, that seemed really harsh. I thought he looked great even if it was in a Liberace kind of way.

Uli should have made something that looked a little different from all her other clothes that she normally wears. But at least she slid by. Right now I have her in the final 3. I think it will be Michael, Uli and Vincent. I would bet money Vincent will make it to the final three because the producers want him in to keep ratings up.

We'll have to wait and see!


toby takes a nap!
Paul and I couldn't resist making this little video of Toby snoring while he naps. Turn up your volume to hear his snores in all their glory!



waiting for ernesto
Tomorrow is sure to be a boring day as we wait for Tropical Storm Ernesto to blow over. Paul has to go to work in the morning, but will hopefully be able to drive home in the afternoon between feeder bands of rain.

I am waiting to decide whether or not to bring in the patio furniture. Since I'll be here, I'll just watch it and if it starts blowing around, I'll run out and move it. The winds aren't predicted to be that high so I think we'll be pretty OK here in Orlando.

Poor Toby hates these storms. He gets so bored because he can't go on any long walks. He's so cute. He walks out of the house all excited, then he realizes it's nasty out, and he wants to run back inside.

Tomorrow we'll be watching Jim Cantore on the Weather Channel, we've watched him through so many hurricanes + storms in the past, he feels like a member of the family. A hurricane wouldn't be a hurricane without Jim Cantore.

Some phrases we are sure to hear over and over again in the next 20+ hours: feeder bands, storm surge, hunker down, cone of probability, conditions are deteriorating rapidly.....

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busy monday
This morning I met with Dawn for hot chocolate at Panera. It was so great to finally meet her and hang out. We have been meaning to do that for weeks. Yay! I have a new friend!

After I got home, I spent the day working on
commissions (here's a scan of a Poppet® Sketch commission of this cute couple to the right). I also worked on the step outs for the projects I will be demonstrating on Craft Lab. We film Sept 19th and there is so much to do to get ready. I need to make each step + back ups incase we need to redo something. Lots and lots of work! yipes!

I had a reprieve from my headache today, but now I feel like it's coming back. This is getting really annoying. I started taking Magnesium, to see if that works. Thanks for the tip!

Toby's test results came in today and he does not have thyroid deficiency. yay! But the Dr. wants to talk to me on the phone. So now I am waiting to hear what more he has to say, maybe there are other tests we need to run etc.

We are getting ready for Tropical Storm Ernesto, looks like it will go right across Orlando. We're not too worried about it, since it will just be a tropical storm, but I am sure it will be nasty day. A good day to stay inside, maybe work on my 3rd quarter taxes or
play this game while watching the Weather Channel.
illustration friday: run
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "run."

It's a bit of a stretch but I think it works with the following quote:
"Suzy homemaker reminds you not to let the water run while you do the dishes!"

I was inspired to create this piece after
watching this video . Paul and I had a fun filled evening of watching tons of these 50's videos online. Hilarious. Note the excruciating detail they go into while explaining how the garbage disposal works. If only having a brand new garbage disposal could actually make you that happy.

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it's friday already!?
Toby and I went to the vet today to get blood tests for thyroid deficiency. His hair has still not grown in all the way from his surgery (which it should have by now) as well as other symptoms we are worried about, so we are testing him again. Last time we tested him it came up negative, but this time he's getting a more extensive test. I should find out on Monday what is going on. Poor Toby was not happy at all about going to the vet!

I spent the day working on various projects and trying to catch up from being away. I still have this migraine. Now it's just the remnants, the band of pain around my forehead, but at least it's low grade enough I can get some work done. I hope it doesn't gain strength again. This is getting annoying.

Tonight Paul and I went to see
Little Miss Sunshine. I have been waiting weeks for it to come out in theaters here and I wasn't disappointed. I loved this movie so much!! I think it will be on my list of all time favs.

Go and see it now!!!
my aching head
I have had a migraine since last night and it won't leave me alone. Not even two Imitrex could make it go away. I think I am exhausted from my trip and stressed out about all the work that piled up while I was teaching in Arizona. I am going to get an early night and hope it goes away so I can have a productive day tomorrow.
Nighty night!
i want that filming
Whew! I made it through the I Want That filming. What an exciting day!

Last night I had all sorts of horrible dreams that the film crew arrived just as I got out of the shower and that I had to film in my towel with wet hair. Thankfully that didn't happen!

I spent the morning rushing around getting ready and primping the house. You would have thought I was selling the house not just filming in it. I wanted the house to look nice, even though no one went into any rooms but the studio.

Here's a photo of Rusty the Camera Guy, Me, and Stacey the producer for the segment. Notice my new Anthropologie apron that I bought in Phoenix. Everyone was so friendly they quickly put me at ease.
Toby, however, must have felt my nerves and he got so upset when the crew was there that he threw up. Poor guy! I felt horrible for him. He did manage to calm down and lie in his little studio bed and he even made it into a couple of the shots. I hope they keep those! I would love it if Toby could be with me on the segment.

We started the filming with me pretending I was working on Sarah's artwork. I painted the background, cut out the photos and pretended to be picking fabric. Then they interviewed me a little bit (I can't even remember what I said, I hope it sounded good!)

Then we all went over to my client's house to film her family and her + artwork that I created in her house. Sarah and her family were such troopers! We were at her house for three hours filming. Thank you so much Sarah for doing that! This will be such a wonderful promotion for my
commissions! I can't thank you enough.

We plan to have a little party when it airs so we can all watch it together. So now we have to watch the
I Want That program guide for my episode number #413 to see when it airs. The show is already at #408 and depending how often they show new episodes, maybe it will be soon!

I tried to take photos of the whole process and I have posted them up on
Flickr here.

OK I am off to collapse and watch
Project Runway!

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bye bye sedona
The last day of my workshop at the Sedona Arts Center went great! It was so sad to say goodbye and to leave Sedona. I won't be back next year. I'll be taking a break, but I'll miss it!

A big thank you to everyone who took my class. You all were amazing! Thank you also to
Debbie again for all her help with shipping my stuff back to Orlando. You're a life saver! I am looking forward to seeing you and Len in my Italy workshop!

Mom and I drove back to Phoenix tonight to stay near the airport for our flight tomorrow. On our way down from Sedona we saw our first dust storm! Wow! How crazy! Trash was blowing all over the highway. We had to dodge a Home Depot bucket at 75mph on I-17 and then there was a huge cloud of dust and dirt combined with lightening. It was pretty scary. I have been to Phoenix quite a few times and never seen that before!

We'll get home tomorrow night and then I have to get ready for the
HGTV "I Want That" filming on Wednesday morning. I am nervous about that! I hope it goes OK. It looks like I have managed to keep my voice, which is amazing after 6 days of teaching!

I probably won't have time or energy to post tomorrow night, but I'll post on Wednesday with an update from the filming! See you then!

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sedona day four
Day three of the workshop flew by!

Tonight my mom and I went over to a little party for everyone attending the workshop. Donna and Etta who are in the class were so nice to host the gathering at their timeshare.

We ordered
pizza and Debbie's amazing husband picked it up. Of course after he went to all the trouble we realized we could have had delivery. Opps! Sorry Len! It was such a great time and wonderful to get together with everyone outside the classroom, I always like to do that at least once with a three or four day workshop.

I can't believe tomorrow is the last day already! Here's a photo of mom and I at the party. Mom had a great time too and enjoyed chatting to everyone.

Tomorrow we have a long day. I'll be teaching all day, then we drive back to Phoenix to stay near the airport. I'll see if I can manage an update tomorrow!

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sedona day three
We had a great second day of the workshop. Today we worked on background techniques and also covered composition. Tomorrow we'll be doing transfers as well as more indepth collage work. There are some amazing artworks being created. I'll try to take some photos tomorrow.

So far I have managed to mostly keep my voice. I keep spraying this
snore stop spray which has oil of wintergreen and other throat relaxants in it and I think it is helping my throat. Just for the record, I do not snore. I bought it for the soothing qualities thank you very much. If only we could use it on Toby, to stop him snoring at night.

I know tea can be very helpful for sore throats but I am not a tea drinker so this seems to be working instead. We'll see! I just hope I can keep my voice so I don't sound like a crazy person for the HGTV "I Want That" filming on Wednesday. eeep!

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sedona day two
The first day of my workshop at the Sedona Arts Center was so much fun! And I already have a testimonial from Debbie Wachel! Wow! Thanks Debbie! Here's a photo I snapped in the overhead demo mirror in the classroom. Notice my new apron that I bought at Anthropologie in Phoenix (only $14!)

After the workshop ended for the day my mom and I headed out to have dinner with my friend Carrie and her mom, Marilyn. They are here on a mini vacation and the timing worked out perfectly with my workshop. We know them from when we lived in Kansas from '83-'86 and have kept in touch and remained close friends over the years.

We went to
Judi's for dinner -- great atmosphere and pretty good food (I think the food is better if you are a meat eater than for vegetarian). We grabbed a guy from the sidewalk and he took our photo. That's me and my mom in the middle and Carrie and her mom on either side.

It was so much fun to see them and catch up, I am already looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow night.

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project runway
I downloaded Project Runway onto my laptop while we went out for dinner and watched it just now. Mom had never seen the show before and now she really likes it. I just might have created another runway addict!

I am so mad that
Alison is off! And Vincent with that horrible dress is still on. Give me a break! I don't know what the producers are thinking! I was glad that Michael won though. And I did really like Jeffrey's dress too.

Arrrugh! I am very upset that sweet little Alison had to go. She was such a cutie. I was hoping she'd be in the final three.

OK I'm off to bed, to get ready for the
workshop tomorrow. Just had to post something quickly after watching.

Nighty night!

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made it to sedona
This morning we said goodbye to Phoenix and Art Unraveled, and then had a nice leisurely drive up to Sedona.

We arrived here about noon and went directly to the
Briar Patch Inn. It's a beautiful location with lush trees, birds a twitter and Oak Creek running below.

However it is a tad rustic for us. The cottages have no air conditioning, no phones, and no TV. Yes I said no TV! The look of horror on our faces when we realized we would be 5 days with no CNN and no A/C was priceless. I draw the line at no TV and Mom flipped out when she realized her blackberry wouldn't work. Seriously. The Briar Patch Inn web site gave no indication that it would be that rustic.

While I am sure many people would enjoy a relaxing retreat where cell phones do not even work, my mom and I are not those people. We raced back into town and wound up at the Best Western right next the
Sedona Arts Center. Only $169 a night and amazingly convenient, I can walk over the Arts Center to teach in the mornings. To our delight there is cable TV, the A/C is blasting and free high speed internet. yay! We even have a view of the red rocks from our room. Above photo is the view from our room. ahhh!

So now I don't have to worry about missing work while I am away beacuse of lack of internet access and I can download Project Runway. It doesn't seem like iTunes has the new episode up yet, anyone know when they update it?

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sedona here we come!
Today was my last class in Phoenix. Another fun day! Thank you to everyone who took my classes, it was a blast!

Tomorrow we'll head up to Sedona. I'll be
teaching at the Sedona Arts Center Friday-Monday.

I am looking forward to getting up there and feasting my eyes on the beautiful red rocks. There is something so magical about Sedona, maybe it's the
vortexes. I don't know what it is but it's wonderful. Mom and I will be staying at this cute place. We've never stayed there before so it should be fun!

I am also looking forward to Sedona because my childhood friend, Carrie, and her mom will be there, so we'll be able to hang out in the evenings when I am finished teaching for the day.

I can hardly wait to get to a Starbucks so I can download
Project Runway on iTunes! I had to force myself not to look at blogs to find out what happened.

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first workshop
My first day of class here in Phoenix flew by! Everyone made wonderful artwork and it was a very fun day!

Here's a photo of me and Renee Plains. She took my workshop today and is coming to my class tomorrow too! We had so much to chat about. Her
dog Hannah passed away from the same disease that our baby kitty Maggie had, IMHA. Learn more about the disease here. We commiserated about the helpless feelings of losing a young pet.

After class Mom and I headed out for dinner. We wound up at Anthropologie (I found two shirts I liked! yay!) and then Mom bought a few items at Talbot's. We did well for two ladies who hate to clothes shop. Then we had dinner at
North Restaurant. Yummy! Yum yum!

Looking forward to another busy day tomorrow!

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we're in cactus country
We made it to Phoenix! yay! The trip was very smooth. The security lines were long at the airport but that was to be expected. I did OK not bringing water on the plane and managed not to totally dehydrate. And my luggage did not get lost which is always a relief.

Mom and I arrived at the
convention hotel around 11am and got settled, ordered room service for lunch and took a long nap. After being up from 3:45am we were exhausted. Once we finally woke up we headed out to gather supplies for my classes tomorrow. The hotel is right near Target and a Michael's which is so convenient!

Bravo at this hotel, but I think I'll go to a Starbucks and use their wireless so I can download Project Runway on iTunes. That way I can watch it on Thursday.

Tonight was the
Meet the Artist gathering. The teachers set up tables and displayed artwork and class samples, luckily I had brought a few things for my table too. I had almost forgot in my rush packing yesterday. It was fun to see so many familiar faces and extra fun to introduce my Mom to everyone.

Tomorrow will be another busy day! So I am off to bed!

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ready to go!
I'm just about all packed and ready to head off to my workshops in Arizona tomorrow! My Mom and I will be leaving at 4:45am. Bright and early! Thank you in advance to my Dad for driving us to the airport that hour!

Today I got all the laundry finished, a last minute commission delivered to a local client, and got the studio cleaned and ready for the I Want That taping the morning after I get home.


All I have left are a few more emails and then I need to write out a list of the pets' medicines and schedules for Paul. Since I have been home since May, Paul hasn't been privy to all the new supplements and medicines that
Toby and Mabel need to keep them in tip top shape. Believe me it's quite a list!

Hopefully I don't have any contraband materials in my carry on. It feels so weird to put my toiletries in my check in case. I do not like doing that. At all. What if they lose my case and then I will be without my
Proactiv, I can't even bear to think about that!

OK see you guys from the road. I'll try to post updates when I can!

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laundry before i leave
It's been a whirlwind around here getting ready to leave on Monday morning. Running errands, packing supplies and clothes. I'm also doing lots of laundry. I did a few loads of laundry and then cleaned the house and shaved Toby (he looks much better than when I shaved him last time).

Even washed the duvet and duvet cover. Then put the bed back together again. Whenever I put the duvet cover on the duvet I always think of that game we had to play in PE in grade school with the parachute.

Did you ever play that?Where you get in a circle around a parachute and shake it so it floats in the air, then you'd run underneath it.

What was the point of that game? What were we supposed to learn? I wonder. Still it was much better than dodge ball or kick ball.

Now I'm watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (love that movie - Johnny Depp is a genius) while I finish email and then it's sleepy time.

It'll be another busy day tomorrow.
illustration friday: play
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "play"

(click image to enlarge)
Whenever possible I like to post new work for my IF submissions, but this week I am crazy busy getting ready to teach workshops in Arizona on Tuesday. This piece was a
commission that I did about a month ago of a little girl who loves to ride her tricycle in her tu-tu!

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what a day to fly
Paul arrived home today from his trip to visit family. I am so glad he's home but what a day to fly!

He thought the airport in Cleveland would be nuts with the new security alert, but amazingly he said it wasn't too bad. It wasn't even too crazy when I picked him up in Orlando. I am sure other airports were totally nuts though. Maybe we just got lucky. There were a lot of tourists very upset about having to dump out their duty free liquor purchases at the security line.

Should be interesting when my mom and I fly to Phoenix on Monday morning. I hear we can't even bring water purchased at the airport (past security lines) on the plane with us. I can not go a 5 hour flight with only one measly in flight drink service. I guess I'll drink as much water as I can before boarding.

I got possibly the best workshop testimonial today ever. From
a student taking my Sedona workshop next week. She said "I'm so excited to take your class - and any threats of terror will not change my excitement level!!"

Wow can't beat that!
project runway
Another great show! I liked how the models got to play a little bit more of a role in this episode. That was a fun twist.

I couldn't believe it when Bradley said he didn't know anything about Cher! Um, how did he even get on the show in the first place? I think he should smoke less pot and wash his hair now and then. What was with his space suit looking top? Horrible, horrible top. As soon as I saw that I thought if he isn't out this week then the producers are rigging the show. So thankfully he was out. After that horrendous outfit there was no way they could have kept him in. I'm kind of glad because he was starting to get on my nerves a little bit.

I was really interested to see how Angela's design turned out. When her model picked Audrey Hepburn, I didn't see how that was going to fit in with all of Angela's poufy skirts and rosettes. She did pretty good though, not that I loved it. But she tamed her rosettes down and captured Audrey Hepburn a little bit.

Michael seems to be the voice of reason amongst the group, when they all started fighting about the sewing machines. I am really rooting for him. I like his energy. Loved it when he called his Mom. How sweet was that! I was so glad he won this challenge! yay!

Next week will be torture for me since I won't be at home. I might have to miss it unless my hotel has Bravo. Please, please let the Embassy Suites in Phoenix have Bravo. Oh please!


TV update
Well we have reached a date for filming! They want to do it on the 23rd, which is the day after I get back from Arizona (my flight gets in at 7pm on the 22nd). This makes me a tad nervous since it all must happen on the 23rd or I'll lose the spot on the show, but it's what the producers have decided so I have to just go with it.

So now while I am teaching I have to make sure not to lose my voice (like I usually do) and pray my flight home has no troubles -- or my head will literally explode. But this should be good. Everyone should be all well by then and it will be so nice to film at my client's house. She has the coolest house, it looks right out of Mary Engelbreit Home Companion Magazine. The artwork will look amazing there! When I visualize my dream house, I think of her house. Her home even has an amazing little studio out building complete with refurbished 50's fridge! sigh.


Now let's hope I don't get mooned by my neighbor's son again today and all will be well with the world.

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weird and stressful day
Today was an odd day. The most stressful part was that I found out there has been a kink in the filming for HGTV's the I Want That show that is supposed to happen this Sunday.

The part that getting tricky is with my client that they are going to interview for the segment. They want to show the work in her house with her kids etc and interview her.

Well, her boys have come down with some kind of crazy skin infection called
Impetigo. Anyway it's very contagious so we can't film at her house this Sunday. Her commission artwork that I did for her is to the right.

And since I leave on Monday to teach in Phoenix we have limited options. Our choices are to have Sarah come to my house and do her part of the segment here (which they don't really like because the producers want to show the kids frolicking with the dogs). Or to wait until I get back from teaching in Phoenix. But then we have to film the day after I get back (on the 23rd) because on the 24th the local producer goes out of town for two weeks. And from what I could tell from HTGV Producer if we don't manage to film on the 23rd then I'll lose the spot on the show and they won't do it all. Yipes!!!

I am freaking out!

You can imagine how stressful this is, because this would be wonderful for my commission business to be on the show. I have offered up other local clients but they need someone who lives close to me and everyone else lives about 45 min away from my house.

So now I have to wait to hear back tomorrow whether we'll wait until the 23rd or do it this Sunday or if I have to find someone else and make new art in a hurry for the shoot. akk! I am trying to let go and not stress because this is not something that I can control. But that is a very big challenge for me.

In other weirdness today, I was mooned by my neighbor's teenage son's friends. They were mooning each other in the street and I was out walking Toby and got a full moon view. At 3pm in the afternoon no less! Then they saw me and jumped in their car and drove off! So totally weird!!! At least it gave me a good laugh!
busy bee
I had a busy day working on commissions. I am working hard to wrap up all the orders I have before I leave on Monday.

Here's a Poppet® Canvas commission that I just sent off today of Donna Downey and her husband. It's his birthday on Friday and he's getting this as a surprise! I'm 99.9% sure he won't be reading this on my blog. But don't ruin the surprise! Note the "donna loves bill" that the bird is saying as he fly's by in the sky. awww!

I ran some errands today, went to Office Depot and the post office etc. Last night my mom and I made the dreaded trip to Kinko's to copy my workshop booklets for
my workshops in Phoenix and Sedona. My mom comes with me to keep me company while I make all the copies. It usually takes an hour. So it is very nice to have company! I can't believe that this time next week I'll be in Phoenix ready to teach my classes. yipes! I have lots of packing to do to get ready and make sure I have all of my supplies etc.

I am really sleepy tonight. I think I'll take out the trash and then maybe rent a movie. I love having digital cable because I can rent right from my TV set. yay! Now I just need to get Tivo so I don't miss Project Runway while I am away. I hope our hotel in Phoenix has Bravo. I won't hold my breath.
cooking for one
Another busy weekend, flew by! Paul's up in Cleveland visiting family so I am left to my own devices. I miss him!

Since Paul does the cooking, I am also left to feed myself. My dad keeps calling to see what I have eaten. So far I have done OK with peanut butter sandwiches and left over macaroni. I have not yet resorted to the microwave popcorn dinner that I used to do all the time when I was single. Tomorrow I might even cook! We'll see!! Don't hold your breath. I think cereal makes a perfectly good dinner.

Friday night at midnight, Mabel got another urinary tract infection. Why do these things always happen in the middle of the night? She gets these every once in awhile and we do all sorts of things to help avoid them, still sometimes they happen anyway. Poor girly!

So, Saturday morning I was up early to rush a sample of Mabel's urine to the vet so that he could prescribe antibiotics and do lab work. Collecting urine from a cat isn't an easy task but I have a little trick. I have discovered a soup ladle works great to catch it and she never even notices! A soup ladle never to be used again for food, of course. This way I can test the PH of her urine every week or so and avoid having to extract it with a needle at the vet. Much less painful for kitty. Maybe I have shared too much, now you can imagine me standing behind Mabel's litter box collecting cat urine. Oh such a glamorous life!

Last night I rented Capote. Amazing movie! I loved it. Phillip Seymour Hoffman totally deserved the Oscar for that.

OK night night! Busy day tomorrow!
illustration friday: capture
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "capture"

"Judging by the size of her ring, Edna knew she had captured the perfect husband".

At first when I read the theme, all I could think of was captives and women on railroad tracks, but then I kept making lists and I came up with this piece.

I wanted to push myself and do another artwork in a domestic setting which is harder for me than my usual outdoor settings. I also wanted to use a limited color palette. I was inspired by the 50's illos where they only use 1 or 2 spot colors. I hope I managed to convey that look but with my own twist. Despite all the frustration that this piece gave me (at times I was ready to hurl it across the room), I was glad I kept at it and I am pretty happy with the end result.

Thanks for stopping by!

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HGTV show filming
Good news! I got a filming date from the I Want That producers. They'll be coming to my house on Sunday the 13th (let's hope it's lucky 13!) where they'll interview me about the commission process and then show me working a little bit. Then they'll go to a local client's house to interview her about why she ordered from me and why she likes it etc. I am very excited!!

I also got my filming dates for Craft Lab, looks like I'll be in Burbank, Sept 18-20. Yipes! Now I gotta get moving on making all the step outs for the show. That takes forever!

I worked most of the day on commissions and Illustration Friday. My IF piece wasn't cooperating (grrrr! I hate that when that happens) so I'll be back at it tomorrow and will hopefully have something to post then!

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i'm a dizzy dame
Today was one of those days where you have lots of plans to get things done but they don't pan out.

I wound up with mild vertigo for the better part of the day, so it was difficult to do artwork. I managed to pack up some orders instead and do remedial tasks that wouldn't be effected by my dizziness. But of course I feel guilty for not getting much work done. I hope this doesn't go on through tomorrow.

P.S. thanks to all who have emailed about Bernie and her husband. I have posted another update to her blog. I know they appreciate all of your thoughts, prayers and messages of support.
project runway
This week on the runway! Where to start!?

Wow! So it was Keith who was sent home after all. For having pattern books in his possession. Naughty, naughty. I wonder why he thought he could get away with that? Then on the other hand I felt a teensy bit sorry for him that he felt he had to cheat and didn't trust his own skills.

So, not only do we have all the intrigue with Keith but then it's a team challenge with
Angela as one of the team leaders. Wow! Could it get anymore interesting? Paul and I figure that the producers told the INC guy to pick one wildcard to keep things interesting and that's why she got picked. But it seems she pulled it off since she won the challenge! OMG! Can't believe that!

She never would have won if it weren't for
Laura and Michael toning her down and forcing her to leave out all of her multicolored colored rosettes. I really like Michael, I think he's going to come out and surprise everyone, he might even be in the final three. We'll see!

So Bonnie is out. I didn't like Robert's jacket that he paired with the black suit skirt. It looked like a windbreaker. Yuck. I liked Bonnie's outfit when it had the jacket on. But I'd rather that Robert stay in the show longer, he's fun to watch. Poor Bonnie.

Looks like next week Michael Kors is back, wonder where he's been all this time?


q&a podcast #2
Paul and I recorded another "Q&A" podcast using the questions that were sent in response to this blog post.

Thank you for all the thought provoking questions! It was hard to decide which ones to answer first.

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Thanks again to all who helped me
come up with questions! That was a huge help! If you have more questions, post them in the comments here and we'll answer them in another podcast.


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