made it to sedona
This morning we said goodbye to Phoenix and Art Unraveled, and then had a nice leisurely drive up to Sedona.

We arrived here about noon and went directly to the
Briar Patch Inn. It's a beautiful location with lush trees, birds a twitter and Oak Creek running below.

However it is a tad rustic for us. The cottages have no air conditioning, no phones, and no TV. Yes I said no TV! The look of horror on our faces when we realized we would be 5 days with no CNN and no A/C was priceless. I draw the line at no TV and Mom flipped out when she realized her blackberry wouldn't work. Seriously. The Briar Patch Inn web site gave no indication that it would be that rustic.

While I am sure many people would enjoy a relaxing retreat where cell phones do not even work, my mom and I are not those people. We raced back into town and wound up at the Best Western right next the
Sedona Arts Center. Only $169 a night and amazingly convenient, I can walk over the Arts Center to teach in the mornings. To our delight there is cable TV, the A/C is blasting and free high speed internet. yay! We even have a view of the red rocks from our room. Above photo is the view from our room. ahhh!

So now I don't have to worry about missing work while I am away beacuse of lack of internet access and I can download Project Runway. It doesn't seem like iTunes has the new episode up yet, anyone know when they update it?

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Sounds like a wonderful adventure!! Although, with no TV, you might as well be camping - LOL! Regardless, hope your next set of workshops are fun and fabulous :-)
So glad you and your mom found another hotel. It's essential to have the creature comforts, especially since you are working. Wish I was with you. Sedona is gorgeous and so relaxing, not like Orlando, which was named the Angriest City in America" by Men's Health magazine (shameless blog plug!)
Love you and miss you!
Your hubby
I just checked iTunes - the latest PR is up. :)
I see it too! downloading it now! yay!
(looking upthread)

I came in the post my shock and horror at the thought of no tv, phone, cable or (aaaackkk!!!) internet access in the hotel, but all I could see was syrup dripping down the screen. Then, I realized that, no, it was just a luuuuuuuuvvv note from Claudine's hubby. ;o) I'll know you guys have gone off the deep end and entered the territory where my hubby and I reside when you start typing in pet names and asking the other to pick up something from the grocery store on the way home.

hee hee!

Claudine, I don't blame you one bit for changing hotels. I think I'd die if I had to go without. In fact, me and the hubby just got back from 9 days in Kauai, and we made sure to have all the bells and whistles in our condo. Because nothing is more romantic for us than surfing the web on our laptop on the patio of an oceanfront condo at sunset. har. There was wine! We had wine. It was romantic in a Tron sort of way.
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