illustration friday: run
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "run."

It's a bit of a stretch but I think it works with the following quote:
"Suzy homemaker reminds you not to let the water run while you do the dishes!"

I was inspired to create this piece after
watching this video . Paul and I had a fun filled evening of watching tons of these 50's videos online. Hilarious. Note the excruciating detail they go into while explaining how the garbage disposal works. If only having a brand new garbage disposal could actually make you that happy.

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As always, your work is consistently beautiful and well done! Your style is really terrific...
Great illo Claudine. Love all the little details. OK, I will have to admit that my life is pathetic because I can relate to garbage diposal happiness. I am still excited about a full size dog sink that my husband finally installed after 8 months of it sitting in the garage (and sitting another month in the mud room waiting for the leak to get fixed before I could use it). :-)

Thanks again for the great workshop. You are FAB! Also spoke to some traditional artists I know and THEY are VERY interested in a color mixing DVD so hopefully you'll do one! I don't think you realize how special your approach is. I couldn't believe the result for myself and also all the people in the workshop - proof that it REALLY works! I'll stop nagging now..... :-D
really cool collage, I love your style! :)
I stretched this week too Claudine but I think yours actually fit! I love that sink! I feel bad for her, I so hate doing dishes! Beautiful collage!
I think it works very well indeed! (Originally started to work on a running faucet myself :) ) The film is priceless , so very "Ward, where's the Beaver?" (Especially liked the menacing sci fi/film noir music at the beginning.) As you like those filmic gems, may I recommend some British efforts: ...
Nice to see that your headache is gone. Beautiful illo!
Oh my! That video was NOT the thing to watch just after eating supper! I mean, it didn't look to ME like that corn cob was shredding and I am VERY concerned about all the water that faucet was wasting in the first 5 seconds! That would cost a fortune here in Northern CA! I think I shall go turn my compost pile to recover from this voyage back to the dark ages! jood
I really like your style!
The colours and everything!
ha ha...her expression is great, another wonderful piece of art!
And her domestic cup runs over.

Nice illustration as always, Claudine.

If you've ever had to stick your hand down either a clogged run-off drain or had bad plumbing explode in your face due to a blockage, you too would be THRILLED to have a garbage disposal.
Adorable! I think it is the perfect interpretation!
Love the colors and expression on her face. Perfect for the quote. I remember my Mom yelling at me not to let the water run. So funny!
Thanks for the reminder Suzy! Jazzy kitchen : )
tanks everyone for your sweet comments!! I really appreciate it. I had fun working on this one :)
an important message to everyone!! water is precious!!
I love it!
love that expression. where do you get your photos from?
Nice Work. Do more.
Very cool as always...
I really like this illustration! It's so charming and her expression is great!

Hehe! This reminds me of when I hooked up the dishwasher to the faucet, but forgot to take the plug out of the sink. Uh oh! Big mess in my kitchen. Nice job, I love your style :)
I love the subtle dishes in the sink and the layers in her dress, very pretty :)
Love the checkered wallpaper and the pose is just great! Wonderful Claudine! creative theme!! great. I like her dress...
Haha, the expression on her face suit this illustration so well... love the colour palette used in this illustration reminds me of old betty crocker cook books!

good job!!!
as always, love the mix of subtle textures with nice line
Love her oblivious expression! Great fun!
If I should ever find myself in her shoes I will RUN, screaming. Wait a minute… I AM in her shoes. I think running and screaming is somewhere deep in this artwork, so I don’t think it is a stretch, I think you are right on the mark!
Nice work, but she looks, with that finger, too threatening.
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