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This week on the runway! Where to start!?

Wow! So it was Keith who was sent home after all. For having pattern books in his possession. Naughty, naughty. I wonder why he thought he could get away with that? Then on the other hand I felt a teensy bit sorry for him that he felt he had to cheat and didn't trust his own skills.

So, not only do we have all the intrigue with Keith but then it's a team challenge with
Angela as one of the team leaders. Wow! Could it get anymore interesting? Paul and I figure that the producers told the INC guy to pick one wildcard to keep things interesting and that's why she got picked. But it seems she pulled it off since she won the challenge! OMG! Can't believe that!

She never would have won if it weren't for
Laura and Michael toning her down and forcing her to leave out all of her multicolored colored rosettes. I really like Michael, I think he's going to come out and surprise everyone, he might even be in the final three. We'll see!

So Bonnie is out. I didn't like Robert's jacket that he paired with the black suit skirt. It looked like a windbreaker. Yuck. I liked Bonnie's outfit when it had the jacket on. But I'd rather that Robert stay in the show longer, he's fun to watch. Poor Bonnie.

Looks like next week Michael Kors is back, wonder where he's been all this time?


I agree with you about Michael, I think he should be part of the final three. I really like his work.
I am so happy that Keith is gone. He was always trying to find a way to defy the rules. Not to mention that he is extremely arrogant. And even though he apologized to the guys, he sure didn't sound very remorseful in the he couldn't understand what the big deal was since he supposedly didn't look at the pattern books. Sorry Keith...Rules are Rules!
Thanks for posting about my son's painting! It made my day, because I bought your latest book and think it's great.

I just finished watching Project Runway and the same thoughts were going through my mind as well. Where has Michael Kors been? Uli's my favorite designer so far and I can't wait to see Vincent called "out".

I didn't feel sorry for Keith at all. If it had been just one rule that had been broken, I might be a little more understanding, but four is deliberate (the books, leaving production, surfing the net, and manipulating the workers at Mood to give him more than the budget allowed).
Keith was arrogant and kept defying the rules, but I didn't mind him. It certainly makes for better TV watching... that's for sure.

Oh, you should check out his website. He's got some great things on it.

Michael Kors, I heard, was promoting a new line of his. Also, he's taken on a contract to design the rooms for some hotel. Also Nordstrom has picked up some of his designs to retail.

I love Vera Wang though. You can't go wrong with a creative Asian.

Michael, I think is a good designer, but so far his personality hasn't really come through. Maybe that's because they have too many people still, but I think the producers tend to edit the show so that there are a couple of personalities that are spotlighted, and those are the ones that stick around the longest (or shortest).
You have an uncanny way of saying exactly what I'm thinking with an economy of words. I thought there might be some backstage rigging about picking Angela as a team leader -- I think your suspicions are spot on. But as I blogged tonight, I'm sort of at a loss about the remaining contestants. Anomie has befallen me in Episode four.
I am just sick that Keith is gone! I know it was his own fault and he cheated and he was manipulative, but I just love a Bad Boy. Angela - ick - Maybe it will have the Zulema effect - she will win a challenge then tank on the next one.
Any word on Bernie's husband? I hope they are hanging in there. I can't imagine her dealing w/the usual stress & work of the rescue on top of this! Bless their hearts. Keep us posted, please. Thanks Claudine!
I think they need a good villain and Angela is it for awhile...I agree that she would have lost if Michael & Laura hadn't tamed her. I also think that Michael is amazingly talented and could easily run away with the runway. It's all your fault that I am tired today Claudine!! You've got me addicted to this show!!!
thoughts on bonnie
if they made what she designed, and he (the guy from INC.)picked the design/designer in the first place I don't see the problem...okay, maybe the fabric choice wasn't that great, but pink/brown are 'in' aren't they? Angela's outfit didn't look like her 'sketch' at all.

speaking of angela:
since when is it 'genious' to pair lt pink with dk grey? I thought that was a given...??? She's lucky she had Laura and Michael to keep her on track...I'm looking forward to her going it alone and taking a train to 'kookyville' and seeing the expression on Michael Kor's face when he sees an outfit made of rosets.

Love Michael, they don't showcase him much, but he is incredibly talented, but quiet...I guess that doesn't make for good tv?
But what about that tank top thing hanging down on Keith's team? Maybe I am just not fashion forward, but I can't see ANYONE wearing that! Ewww. Ditto on your comments regarding Angela. Her butt was saved by Michael and Laura. Glad to see Mr. Arrogant leave. It's funny, but I thought Bonnie's outfit looked more like the things I've seen INC put out than all the other outfits. I'm happy Robert is still around. I would be very sad if he was 'Auf'd.
Darn. I missed it this week...figures, of all the weeks. I'll see if I can get it "on demand" or catch a rerun.

Thanks for the recap :-)
love, love, love talking all things PR here :) i am pulling for alison & jeffrey- and was pleasantly surprised by how well they worked together. i'm not sorry keith is gone, what a brat. i cant wait to see Jay's new collection from season 1. he's still my favorite :)
Ahhh, so that's why he didn't do the dog outfit, no dogwear patterns in the book!
just watched the episode on Youtube! Im hooked! I hope the vertigo goes away..maybe allergies? Have a restful day../
Hi Claudine! I recently "subbed" to your blog thru bloglines and it's fun to catch up on what you've been doing!

My daughter got me hooked on Project Runway. I've only watched a couple so far, but loved the dog one (our dear dog died recently so I have a soft spot for doggies these days.. :-( It's fun to watch. That rosette woman is a bit kooky. I think she wants to be the next Betsy Johnson...

michaels good, but for now my fav is uli. hoping they do solos for a while, get to see more designs. keith i'll miss your designs but not your self absorbed personallity.
angela you had a good team.
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